swearing is caring…

March 7, 2011

SOooo, I admitted that I swear, my dear boy gathered up his courage and told me it really bothers him, we made a swear jar and then I saw this from a dear blog reader/friend Erin:

So… if you ever decide to post a link to an online (paypal) swear jar, let me know. It’ll curb my habit and support some sort of Kindness Campaign at the same time.


And that was it, my kindness brain started to explode. See, it was kind of hard to tell that whole story, but it felt really good, and THEN to have a way to connect kindness just had me so undone, it brought me more joy than I say. The idea that we can grow together, be honest and tender, share a story, someone else share an idea,  get to create a kindness campaign, and have an organic little movement together as a result of all of that-TOGETHER with you, well, that is my bliss dear friends.

So with the help of Jorge, my one true thing and best friend, Josiah, a kindness partner and advisor, and Erin’s brilliant idea we have created

 at www.swearingiscaring.com

It is a virtual swear jar for us all to come together to turn our swearing into caring!

Stop swearing and collect the money for all the four letter slip ups!

Don’t stop swearing and still throw some money in the jar, you’ll love swearing even more!

Ask your mother to match your donation! (I’m sure she’ll love that!)

All the money collected in our jar during the month of March will go to ROSMY, a Richmond non-profit serving GLBT kids and helping youth be themselves. Josiah and I picked this lovely organization for about 57,000 reasons.

We would love to have you join us! You can follow all the fun at the Facebook event page and on Twitter at @kindnessgirl.

Tell your friends, especially the foul mouthed variety, spread the word as we would love to have you join us, let’s watch what kindness does this time!

7 Responses to “swearing is caring…”

  1. Julie S Says:

    I have at least 57,000 reasons why I feel lucky to be alive at the same time you and your tribe are in this little corner of the planet as “way-shower’s” of kindness & light!

  2. Erin Wilson Says:

    You wouldn’t know this, but today is my birthday. And this is quite possibly the coolest gift ever. xoxo

    • kindnessgirl Says:

      awwwww, that is SO great! happy happy birthday Erin! i am so glad you were born. thank you for sharing your great idea!

  3. […] it’s okay, with the new guerrilla goodness campaign from Kindness Girl, you can help raise money for […]

  4. Kathleen Says:

    I love this idea! I too have a sailor mouth–just made my donation for every day in Lent, though I’m sure I’ll be making another before the 40 days is up…

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