the simple life…

April 4, 2011

Today I am craving the simple…I’m wishing that these moments were all I had before me. Like when the suggestion to “raise your glasses” for a birthday toast invites the laughter when someone actually raises their eye glasses.


The joy of cutting “J”‘s out of pepperoni to personalize the birthday pizza…


Lucy pulling me out of a work fog with this little wisdom gem,

“I don’t think it’s good inside. You should come outside, can’t you feel the happy outside?”

…and who could refuse stopping for just a minute to pick a beautiful bouquet of weeds, and then leave them on neighborhood doorsteps?

And for just these small moments, I can forget the massive load I have taken on, the one that is weighing on my mind, the stack I am trying to push through, the one I can’t get seem to get on top off…

What simple joys call have a way of calling you, even in the thick of everything else? I’d love to hear them.

10 Responses to “the simple life…”

  1. shiny yoga* Says:

    “I don’t think it’s good inside. You should come outside, can’t you feel the happy outside?” – the best thing i’ve heard all day. what a smart little cookie 😉

  2. Nina Says:

    My son laughing.

    Sitting in the sun.

    Playing a song I love LOUD and singing along

  3. kelly Says:

    in the midst of a whole lot of hurry scurry (and a little yelling) this morning, driving to preschool with four kids under the age of five while “honky tonk women” blasts: one kid is squealing and kicking with excitement because she just LOVES this song!; one kid is singing passionately off key at the top of his lungs; and one kid is shouting, “cowbell! cowbell!”…

  4. kazari Says:

    Now I’m a single mama, I had to go back to work time. This was never the plan.
    However, every morning I park my car next to a nature reserve – there’s a big clearing and then forest.
    And just about every morning, somewhere in the clearing I can spot some kangaroos.
    It makes me happy to be there.

  5. lisa Says:

    driving alone to nowhere in particular, singing at the top of my lungs.

    (also fun with a carload of girlfriends on a roadtrip.)

  6. Michelle Says:

    Just coming home from a weekend of separation from my kid and me pulling out a toy (voice recognition diary) her face of me pulling that out and running around full speed saying “I CANT BELIEVE YOU EVEN LISTENED!!!! YOU REMEMBERED! YOU ACTUALLY GOT IT! YOU ARE THE BEST GIRL TO BE A MOM!” It’s funny when u get it right. 🙂

  7. Eleanor Says:

    Crawling up in the bed with my 13 year old daughter and asking her if she knows how much I love her (sometimes I get insecure about that – not worrying how much she loves me, but that she really FEELS loved BY me) – then she answers “of course” with the most indignant, “why would you even ask that” tone. Whew. Needed that. Pure joy. And all I had to do was ask.

  8. brenda Says:

    Sunshine…forgetting the world for a while.
    Kid stories…
    Doing something crafty together…
    Reading together even when they are 11 and 13…on the trampoline…
    Jumping on the trampoline together…
    Laying on the trampoline…
    Giggling on the trampoline…
    Singing while jumping too…

  9. Andrea Says:

    It’s the little things in the middle of the busy day…
    -Talking like robots in the car on the way home from the grocery store.
    -Trying to make up a rap song about buying shoes on the way to the shoe store.
    -Watching my 6yr old putting jeans and tennis shoes on my 19 month old. – Mostly because I didn’t ask him to.. he just stopped to help. Total joy at the brotherly love.
    -My daughter and I talking and cooking together.
    -Walking and talking with my kids.
    -Watching my little guy kiss his brother and sister good night.

  10. Carolina Says:

    An out of nowhere kiss and hug from my little guys.
    What a sweet child you have.

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