guerrilla goodness: moms go guerrilla

May 9, 2011

She knows me oh so well…I was ding dong ditched today with these beautiful dahlias, not for me but SO for me.

My dear friend and commune member Jen left these on my doorstep, she just knew, somehow, what would bring me perfect joy on this Mother’s Day. And so we went, so spontaneously, hopped in the car with Jen and her mom to Ding Dong Ditch flowers on doorsteps in our neighborhood, we took a couple kids and even a dog. Along the way we passed Susan, in her front yard in her pajamas, so she hopped in. No holds barred like she had done this every day of  her life, she knew just which houses of mothers we should DDD. Some we knew, others we didn’t. Let me tell you, four belly laughing women, one pair of pajamas, one dog with her head out the window and tongue flapping in the wind, 2 expert kindness kids and 6 dahlias, I was so blissed the frick out… 

And this is what mothers do for each other, this is how we hold one another in kindness and love, this is how we nod with the knowing, how we live everyday together, side by side…and care so deeply, give from the deep well, how we keep going.

Everywhere I turned, there seemed to be some form of love staring back at me…and oh to be loved! I hope you felt it yesterday too…just in case it was one of the hard years, or your heart is still needing/wanting more, here are a few more messages from our community kindness project- The Great Wall of Motherly Kindness: (I’m sure one of these is meant for you…)

Be so kind to yourself today in this post-mother’s day re-entry…we all could use it.

Thanks SO very much to Sheri and Franklin Goose for being partners and agents of kindness in the world!!! Love you!


2 Responses to “guerrilla goodness: moms go guerrilla”

  1. sheri Says:

    It was our pleasure! I loved watching people take the time to write and as they did to smile. A mothers love is so deep and beautiful. It is carried with us all time, so much so that you could see the light in peoples faces as they wrote. Thank you Patience for the beautiful idea!

  2. […] is when the circle widens and mothers celebrate mothers. This is when you Ding Dong Ditch flowers to mother’s you love my friend. When you text the words you know she needs to hear. When you […]

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