guerrilla goodness: back to school chalk love

August 23, 2011

It’s back! It’s time for the sidewalk chalk love again friends! You may remember when hundreds of folks ALL over the country headed out with sidewalk chalk to encourage the kids of their cities and towns on the first day of school. Well, we are doin’ it again and would love to have you join us!

I don’t know about you, but I could never sleep the night before school started. I wondered what my teacher was going to be like, who I would sit next to, what the work would be. It can all be a little overwhelming. Everybody could use a little encouragement, just a little reminder that you are loved!

So here’s the mission:

1. Grab some bright sidewalk chalk.

2. You head out with friends, family, kids, dogs, grandmothers, artists, whoever…and write positive messges to kids on the sidewalks in front of the elementary schools (or any schools, universities, etc.) in your neighborhood, or even your own sidewalk for the first day of school. Here are some things you can write:

Have a GREAT first day of school!!

It’s going to be a awesome year!

You look fantastic!

We believe in you!

if you want more ideas, check out the pictures of what other people have done here.

3. Go home blissed out with the kindness high!

4. If you are a kindness kid, be super quiet when you are walking to school the next day and everyone around you is talking about the cool art out front… and smile.

5. If you are a Richmonder and want to participate, reach out to your local school administration and send them a link to this post for permission. If just the idea makes you tired or sweat, contact me and I’ll do it for you!

6. If you decide to do this project or blog about it, please leave a comment so we can highlight your kindness work and watch it grow! Don’t forget to send me pictures and I’ll post them or simply add them to our GG Facebook Page.

Also, if you want to learn about school kindness trees, my friend Chris had this awesome idea!

*go at your own risk…be safe, go to familiar places and with others, ask permission if needed, be smart and respectful. It’s more fun that way!


8 Responses to “guerrilla goodness: back to school chalk love”

  1. Kim Says:

    i love the back to school chalk art! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Brenda Says:

    I love it, but I was lame this year…and didn’t do it…I meant to, but I was all busy getting things ready…gym suits, sneakers, lunches, laundry…no excuses…I think I was secretly in denial. 😦 Now I’m all sad about it. I do, though, know of a neighboring school district who starts tomorrow…what if I did the sidewalks at that school?! Hmmmm….I’m thinking now… 🙂

    Funny how disappointing it can feel when you miss an opportunity to be kind!

  3. jeroldssis Says:

    Hey girl! Tomorrow night is our night to do this! Can’t wait! And thanks for the shout out about the Kindness Tree. I’ll definitely follow up with a blog post and pics. Stand by!! 😉

  4. Kelly Nelson Says:

    We did ours again last night! Can’t wait to blog the results! Everyone was so excited about doing it again. Our principal even asked us if we were doing it just to make sure!

  5. Diana Farmer Says:

    Get your chalk out,people!

  6. jacque c Says:

    Our Mama’s were out at 5:30 this morning chalking our K-12 school. We heard lots of positive from staff, parents, and most importantly students. I know I had a great day knowing that I put a smile on someone’s face today. I love your site and we have been practicing kindness lots since I found you!

  7. […] out these cool pics from Kelly and her crew chalking for the first day of school! Share this:TwitterFacebookStumbleUpon Posted by kindnessgirl Filed […]

  8. […] thoughts on them) next to registers or on people’s cars.  I’ve also seen kind notes written in chalk on the sidewalk.  I’m not saying these ideas are “better” because I am certainly no expert, but […]

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