this week…

August 24, 2011

well, it was really last week…but, you know…

4 Responses to “this week…”

  1. its amazing how just pictures speak.the smile from a pure shared to all in different ways.and the drawings on the window pane is a treasure!
    loving your work and though we’re in great distance,i feel an instant connection to you and your family.
    you certainly teach me to view things differently now.

    lots of love and kindness…

    • kindnessgirl Says:

      oh thank you!! i feel the same way when i look at other’s pictures too, i think that may be part of why i do it…thank you for the kind words taking the time to write and be part of this little space in our internet neighborhood…looking forward to more…


  2. Kim Says:

    family love is so evident! thank you for sharing!

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