waiting for baby…

October 25, 2011

A sweet, sweet family…waiting on the next addition. It’s amazing how much you can be loved before you are ever even born. Thanks to Monique for breaking up the chaos of my life lately and spending some time with you all in such a beautiful place…it was lovely.

4 Responses to “waiting for baby…”

  1. Julie Sulik Says:

    kindness-photographer-girl…you’ve done it again! You’ve shone a light on the AWE FACTOR. And, Monique…what a beautiful woman you are! So many of us have been conditioned to hide the belly–our center of life & power–yet, there you are in all your beauty and glory modeling PRIDE. You go mama!!!

  2. Brenda Says:

    Each picture is more beautiful than the one before….you truly captured a sparkle from Monique…Gorgeous

  3. gina Says:

    aw, Monique! She and I have appointments next to each other each week for the second baby. I love getting to see her family. So beautiful.

  4. enermazing Says:

    Lovely photos – thanks to you all for sharing them 🙂

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