this week…

November 6, 2011

well, last week, but you know…

spoken words of truth, dancing, kind notes, long days waiting for a very loved papa, saying goodbye…

Can you do something for me this week? If you are doing or have done some kind of kindness as a result of something on KindnessGirl, can you tell me what city you are in (in the comment section)? You don’t even have to tell me what, just the city is fine (but we love a good story if you have the time! :)) I’m trying to figure out how far and wide we are spreading this work…and kindness. Have a wonderful week!

65 Responses to “this week…”

  1. JK Says:

    Wilmington, DE. I parked next to a car when I went to the library. I could be wrong but the car clearly looked like someone lives in their car. I could NOT get that thought out of my head as I went about the rest of my errands for the day. So I made an extra stop to go to Starbucks and pick up a couple of gift cards (just so next time I’d be prepared) Went back to the library but the car was gone. I just can’t stop thinking about how something as tiny as a gift card could give someone a few minutes. Maybe not happiness minutes but at least a few minutes to not have to think or worry and to maybe be able to enjoy a moment. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. julie walker Says:

    Cleveland Heights, Ohio

  3. Melinda Says:

    Your kindness influences me more than you could ever know here in Raleigh, NC!

  4. Kaaryn Says:

    I am so inspired by your kindness. Vancouver, WA

  5. Hilary Says:

    So happy I stumbled onto your blog…it reminds me of who I can be even on my worst days in Carlsbad, CA.

  6. We’re spreading the kindness in Charlotte, NC. πŸ˜€

  7. Kim Says:

    Milwaukee, WI… you have reminded me how to find and bring kindness to everyday. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  8. Lauren Says:

    Hamilton, NJ πŸ™‚

  9. Annie De Says:

    Currently in Quartzsite, Arizona: after reading about giving random cards of kindness to people, although I have occasionally done something similar in the past, I am inspired to crank up these thoughts for others and to do small kindnesses each day. I love to receive the postings and read your writings and those of others. Such a breath of beautiful, fresh air amongst what seems to be a mindset of doom amongst so many. Let the ‘movement’ blossom and grow. Thank you again πŸ™‚

  10. Cynthia Says:

    I’m a grandmother of 6 in the Rocky Mountains – Idaho Springs, Colorado, to be exact – and you have brought back the memories of special things I used to do with my 3 sons when they were little… things I had continued to do, alone, but not often enough. I’m just coming through 12 years of working 80 hours a week/7 days week to help financially with ongoing crises within my own family, while simultaneously being my grandchildren’s full time care provider from the time they were born – and now that we’re coming out the end of that dark tunnel, and the kids are all in school now now (and no longer here most of the time), I’ve taken a break from working so I can focus on other things that I’ve missed doing… a perfect time to find your blog. I’ve been so inspired with a long list of ways to reach out, again, with more acts of kindness, getting my grandchildren involved in this fun way of life. I’m excited, and so grateful to you for spreading this love. The world needs this!

  11. susan Says:

    Inspired and enchanted in Venice, CA.
    I sent a sweet bouquet of flowers to someone who has had her share of challenges with a note simply stating, “because you are so lovable”.

  12. Gina Says:

    Inspired in Sacramento, CA.

  13. Heidi Says:

    Phoenix, AZ YOU are a beautiful spirit! Thank You!

  14. Donna Farrell Says:

    Reisterstown, MD (nw of Baltimore)

  15. Krystal Says:

    Thank you, from Birch Bay, Washington.

  16. Shannon Says:

    Carmel, IN (northern suburb of Indianapolis)

  17. Lisa Encarnacion Says:

    My son Adam passed away November 28, 2002 and his birthday is October 24, 1986. This year he would have celebrated his 25th birthday. I decided instead of just being sad with regrets of the loss of my beauftiful child, let’s celebrate his life instead. I made business cards with his picture and the following information said: This act of kindness is done in loving memory of Adam Michael Encarnacion 10.24.86~11.28.02 Pay it Forward. I have mailed over 500 cards out to family and friends everywhere and asked them to do this in rememberance of my sweet son. Let’s make this world a better place! One person can make a difference!
    You can also visit Adam’s website to light a candle:

  18. Megan Says:

    In Auckland – New Zealand!

  19. katelynbenton Says:

    I’m very supportive of your project. You’ve inspired me to ask my community to engage in loving acts toward strangers. I live in Los Angeles, and I believe this chain reaction could help change the way a lot of people see the world.

  20. CathyC Says:

    Spreading kindness in Framingham, MA

  21. Tracy Says:

    I leave quarters in the machines at the front of Target and Walmart in hopes that some wishful child will go exploring and find that he or she can get something as it’s already paid for. When I leave the store, I check to see if my gift has been discovered yet. I got that idea from my oldest brother who is a beautiful human being.

    I am trying to think of more things I can do locally. I purpose to look into the eyes of store clerks/drive through window help/etc and to make human contact during these interactions.

    I love this blog and how it makes me feel. I think it’s clear that this blog is changing the world by inspiring readers from all over to join the kindness movement!

    Kindness changes everything and you get as much or more than you give.

    St. Simons Island, GA

  22. Martha Says:

    Minneapolis, MN

    Your blog has inspired me to practice kindness every day at my stressful job. It is literally working miracles on my little team!!

  23. Liz Says:

    Love your blog! Today there was a person outside of the grocery who was asking for a quarter from everybody because he was hungry. I gave him a quarter and then asked what he wanted to eat. He said fried chicken. They didn’t have that but I bought him a whole rotissiere chicken with some sides. I know some people think that people who are begging are scamming; but I always think, there but for the grace of G-d go I.

  24. Ami Says:

    Cornell University, Ithaca NY

  25. S. Says:

    Kyoto, Japan

  26. Rebecca Plant Says:

    Eugene, Oregon. My eleven year old daughter and I spent the weekend making laterns of love. Dad is going to help us ding dong ditch them this week. I am slow at picking up technology and this is the first blog I have ever read (thank you Oprah magazine) but now I read you all the time. I am hoping to figure out how to send you pictures of the laterns. Be healthy, be happy, and thank you for the inspirational ideas. Dream on and be brave.

  27. Stephanie Says:

    Toronto, Canada!
    In love with your blog and fully taking on a lifestyle full of kindness..Thank you for your inspiration! ❀

  28. Cheryl Parrish Says:

    Trenton, Georgia (just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee)…I LOVE your blog and you have opened my heart and mind, helping me to think of ways that I can bless others. So many people do not receive or give random acts of kindness and it’s so needed! My own story — I am a hiker and on Halloween I hiked in Cloudland Canyon and it was a beautiful day with all of the fall colors. When I got back to my vehicle, there was a vehicle parked behind me. I wrote a note on the back of an envelope saying basically “Happy Halloween, I hope you enjoyed your hike as much as I did mine, etc”. I signed it, “Cheryl” but with no way to find me. I posted the picture I took that day on a hiking Facebook wall, and ironically, this person was a friend on that page, saw the picture, and then wrote me a note to say how much she and her son loved my note.

    I asked a friend for her recyclable jars, so that I can make the lanterns. I didn’t have any of my own and I hope to get some of those made between now and Thanksgiving to give to friends and to leave for someone else.

    Thanks for your blog and your kindness…… Cheryl

  29. Brenda Says:

    of course…Frankfort, Indiana… πŸ™‚

  30. Williamsburg, VA and Lima, OH

  31. shannon Says:

    St-Hubert, Quebec Montreal Canada

  32. Melanie Says:

    Cary, North Carolina


  33. amb Says:

    Keene, ND.

  34. The Hague, Netherlands. I am a big fan of random acts of kindness. You have inspired me to get back into action. This morning I was walking the dog before work and a couple was waiting outside in the rain for a neighbor to answer his door. I returned from the walk and they were still there. I invited them in to call the neighbor and served them coffee while I finished getting ready. They were nice! I knew there was a reason I made extra coffee this morning.

  35. Cassie Says:

    Kindness is being spread in the Bronx, NYC! πŸ™‚

  36. Susan Says:

    Kindness is contagious in Santa Clarita, CA

  37. Mel Says:

    Your kindness mission is spreading worldwide – I am your number one fan over here in East Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom. Just love your website and ideas. Really brilliant. Thank you.

  38. ~mjp Says:

    Round Hill, VA

  39. Hillary Says:

    thank you for being such an inspiration!
    Des Moines, Iowa

  40. Jacque Says:

    Waterville, Washington. You inspire kindness and because of you I try to do something kind every single day, you have really changed my life!

  41. Lisa Says:

    Thanks for your inspiration! I am in Arnold, CA.

  42. Susan Says:

    I came across your blog a month ago and have been inspired to try to do a kind act every day here in Gassville, Arkansas.

  43. kuala lumpur & kedah,malaysia….=))

  44. Francisco Says:

    Being kind in Redwood City, California. Thank you.

  45. Tacy Says:

    Grateful you’re out there spreading kindness. Lynnwood, Washington (just north of Seattle)

  46. Ella Says:

    Greetings from Corvallis, Oregon in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve left boxes of Thrive tea on the porch of neighbors who spent the summer putting in a sweet garden, carved a special pumpkin for their porch. It’s caused us to look for the good, to see the positive and oh yeah, to CELEBRATE IT! Also known to leave dollar bills with encouraging messages in world travel books at the public library…

  47. Jeri Says:

    Hi – Chicago

  48. Heather Says:

    Your blog is an inspiration to my family in Brisbane, Australia. Last weekend my husband cooked two roast chickens with veges and carried them across the street to a family with 5 kids whose mum was recovering from a burst appendix.

  49. kindnessgirl Says:

    oh….these stories are helping my heart so much right now…thank you all for sharing.

  50. MaggieB Says:

    Louisville, Kentucky. And maybe even more impressively, in High School! You’re such an inspiration.

  51. Marle Says:

    Sending love and light from Aurora, ON, Canada.

  52. Gloria Mathews Says:

    I am a teacher in Oregon. This year I am sponsoring a gift to Heifer International for my class. Donations are directed to the purchase of a livestock animal in third world countries to build sustainable lives. The ONLY way my students can contribute to this gift is doing an kindness for another and having it reported to me via a β€œkindness coupon” that parents or teachers will fill out. For every act of kindness a child does on his or her own I will personally donate 50Β’ towards the purchase of a livestock animal from Heifer International up to $200. Each student will be bringing home a kindness coupon book just after Thanksgiving. We are not keeping track of who does a kindness, but rather keeping track of how many kindnesses are done. It’s my 35th and last year of teaching and I feel deeply that teaching these 6 and 7 year olds the power of kindness is incredibly valuable. Thanks for letting me share!

  53. cynthia Says:

    11-11-11 –

    love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u, hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  54. Cheno Says:

    Houston, TX

  55. Kim stallings Says:

    Today a group of 5 fabulous friends and 11 children had our first “ding dong ditch” day. ( of course, we got the idea from you). Most had no idea what it was but they showed up anyway just because I asked them to, and I felt so blessed to have such great friends. The kids laughed and giggled. The big kids held the hands of the little ones to help them run away quicker, although once or twice the big kids got so excited they ran away and left the little ones behind to fin for themselves:) We left ding dongs, pansies, and bouquets of fresh flowers. It was a great day! Thanks for the idea. We will be watching for more ideas to do with our kids.
    ( we are from Chesapeake, va)

  56. Nadia Says:

    Your kindness has reached so far north, you wouldn’t believe! I’m from JonquiΓ¨re, Canada, and your blog is one of my favorite thing to read in the morning. The perfect way to start the day.

  57. bj Says:

    sydney, australia

  58. Lauren Says:

    You’ve inspired me in Birmingham, AL!

  59. Christy Says:

    I saw a man at our local quick shop going through the outside trash-can for bottles and cans, so I told him if he wanted to follow me he could have the 2 large garbage sacks I had in my shed:) Pender NE

  60. Luke Luther Says:

    Minneapolis, MN…and I love hearing about kindness and compassion as a means of building resilience – in myself and for my clients. I work in child protective services.

  61. Jen Bailey Says:

    Queens, NYC : ) I can’t believe I found your blog. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

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