what little hands do…

November 28, 2011

pastels on bark

A crack and a thud left a huge limb on our sidewalk on Thanksgiving eve. I love how trees can just drop what is no longer serving them.  As we were picking it up to move it, the kids started gathering the fallen bark. They noticed some really cool patterns on the inside of the bark. I went in to get some pastels and paper to make rubbings, but when I delivered them to the kids (which now included the neighborhood kids too) they just started coloring the bark instead. I think the best kid art unfolds on its own.

hearts are everywhere

The kids then decided to ding dong ditch their art which sounded like a great idea to me but may have been confusing to the recipients to open the door and find a piece of bark on your step, but you know…our neighbors are probably used to the crazy and random acts of even weird yet sweet kindness by now.

So I’m thinking if you are trying to get something done, like the list of 57,000 holiday to-do’s, some bark, leaves, rocks and pastels might be just the trick to keep little hands busy. I love when nature, art and kindness collide.

a few of the urban nature artists

Got any other simple kid projects to share?

3 Responses to “what little hands do…”

  1. cynthia Says:

    I’d be thrilled to open my door and find a piece of pastel bark art – so magical – that would make my day. Awesome kids!

  2. Nikki Says:

    I love this idea and will be sure to try it. We paint rocks. My husband is a stone mason so we always have piles of natural stone lying around. Plain old rocks dug out of the ground work too. Paint, pastels, crayons – they all make rocks even more beautiful!

  3. Jet Says:

    I’m catching up on my Reader, snuggled in with a cup of tea and candles and harp music. This post reminded me of so many days with my Kristina, and all her ways of making the simplest discovery into magic and wonder. She transformed me with this.

    She’s off to college now, not home until next Friday. As I was unpacking our Christmas boxes this week, I found one of our projects.

    I think you’ll like it. unpacking memories

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