this week…

December 17, 2011

well, last week, but you know…

“No matter what the world, cruel world does to you, never lose your faith. If you don’t know what you believe for your self you’ll be what every one wants you to be. God bless you. “-JS

given to me by a very, very kind drunk boy (stranger kindness) in a bar years ago…

12 Responses to “this week…”

  1. im melting!!you know,when i read this post,basically just pictures..but it makes me feel something inside..i got no words to comprehend it but it makes me feel…hmm…oh jeez..i dont know but i can tell you its a good feeling…

    if you dont mind,im going to post your link on my blog yeah…want to share this same feeling i felt when i read this post…

    truly,you are definitely bringing a super huge gigantic affect on me.every post.every word.

    keep this kindness going..
    wish you and your family a very very awesome,sweet,and merry merry christmas!

    • kindnessgirl Says:

      thanks Cam!! It brings me joy to know you are spreading kindness in your corner of the world…even though we are far away, you always feel close.

  2. erika Says:

    I could eat up every single one of those photos!

    • kindnessgirl Says:

      thanks E! oh, and I may have re-read your post about 15 times this week- the comparison monster was KILLING me this week.

  3. dana Says:

    What a special boy that must of been….lots of wisdom because that statement is soooo true! never forget to be you!

  4. Sage Says:

    Naked Barbies!!! Ha ha ha! 🙂

    Why do drunk people seem to have such good advice?

    • kindnessgirl Says:

      right?!!!! i love it when all the filters and barriers are down…i think all that is left is just the truth.

  5. Brenda Says:

    Confession: Sometimes, I look at your pictures of the week and wish I had your life.

    And then: I always think…I’ve gotta start taking pictures of MY life… 🙂

    Love the napkin advice…why does life seem so beautifully deep when we’re drunk? Somehow, it must slow down the everyday trivial and let the deep thoughts seep in…

    And the naked Barbies are excellent…I can’t tell, do they have haircuts yet? If not, just wait…it’ll happen! 🙂

    • kindnessgirl Says:

      oh, I wish you would take pictures of your life!! there is so, so much beauty there…

      and yes, there are LOTS of barbie haircuts over here! 🙂

  6. […] this post is a very very important post.i have been super busy lately,with christmas and now work and all.but […]

  7. christa Says:

    I hope there’s been a hella lot of kissing under that lovely mistletoe!!!!!

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