luna love…

April 6, 2012

Something magical sort of happens when you photograph people you really, really love and know. Your love spills out into the image, even if you are trying hard to be professional or just a fly on the wall. You just can’t help it…this woman, this family, are dear friends and I was so very honored to be at Luna’s birth. Sara and Carlos hold such a sweet energy in the world, I am humbled to know them and be part of their lives.

Thank you dear ones!

Thank you to Sara and Carlos for being willing to share their moment with the world…you can see more from the birth here.

8 Responses to “luna love…”

  1. Cheryl Parrish Says:

    your pictures were so sweet, they brought tears to my eyes…

  2. Kati Says:

    Ani: I love the pictures of the baby and she is so cute!
    ZiZi: I like the pictures and I like how the baby is born.
    Mama: GORGEOUS! Congrats Sara and Carlos – she is amazing.

  3. Oh my friend, how your posts move me….

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Typing through tears. Thank you, Patience. Welcome, Luna.

  5. Sandi Says:

    So beautiful!

  6. This is so incredibly moving and touching. The energy and love in these photos is beyond description.

  7. Joy Williams Says:

    How wonderful to stumble upon these on my own birthday. I love Sara! Glad to have found these!

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