because every child…

March 28, 2013

baby rights

love me like this…

November 10, 2012


They sat just like this for close to 4 hours, opening their eyes only during the contractions to help find their way through. He never moved a muscle. I got home and poured through the pictures in total awe of all they held… together.

I pulled just this one picture and took it to my husband to show him…”Look at this love, THIS is a serious love.”

“I love you like that.” he said plainly. …and I knew he did, he does. I walked away from this birth inspired to try to let him and others love me in new ways. …in times that feel long like a birth and my soul is exhausted or moments when I am vulnerable, because there is incredible strength there.

Megan and Matt taught me so much in their birth, in the ways they care for each other, how they worked together…they were wise beyond their years. It was an amazing birth, I am so honored they allowed me to be there and that they are willing to share, because it was powerful and profound.

What a blessed little boy…what a sweet family.

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of love and light…

September 7, 2012

It was awhile back and I never shared the images from that night…there are lots of births that stay hidden in little pockets of my soul. Some are just too private, some need to be held tightly and others just aren’t ready for the light. Each birth has a path and a call…it is really important to follow it, wherever it leads…it knows just where to go (or not go).

It takes courage to share one of your most vulnerable moments with strangers, with the world. I am always amazed and honored when the dear folks I get to work with decide sharing is part of their birth path. I never expect them to, but am happy if they want to.

J & S leaned into love that night…and held each other and that birth tightly…and now it is ready to be shared. Thank you guys, the depth and beauty of your love birthed that sweet baby. It was an honor to witness.

luna love…

April 6, 2012

Something magical sort of happens when you photograph people you really, really love and know. Your love spills out into the image, even if you are trying hard to be professional or just a fly on the wall. You just can’t help it…this woman, this family, are dear friends and I was so very honored to be at Luna’s birth. Sara and Carlos hold such a sweet energy in the world, I am humbled to know them and be part of their lives.

Thank you dear ones!

Thank you to Sara and Carlos for being willing to share their moment with the world…you can see more from the birth here.

from the water she came…

November 7, 2011

The family love was thick that night…no one wanting to miss one single moment. I was touched by her grace, his great love, the delight of her sisters, her powerful entrance into the world from the water…it was beautiful. Thank you Monique and family for allowing me to capture it…

you can see the rest of this sweet, sweet birth here…thanks so much to Monique for being willing to share.

birth love…

July 26, 2011

Nikki and Jeff, oh this couple…it is amazing to be part of people’s lives during the time they are making families, there is a feeling like you are getting a universe sneak peek of the goodness about to be poured over the world. Beside all that wonder, it’s even sweeter when you know you those people will be your friends-salt of the earth- true blue, even beyond birth.

These dear friends have dropped cookies on my doorstep, taught me Tuesday is the best day of the week, left notes in my mailbox, offered copious amounts of encouragement to me while I am trying to birth some dreams over here…and for that I will always be grateful.

AND aren’t they just beautiful creatures? Thank you for allowing me to be part of the birth of both your boys, to watch your love and strength, and deep care for one another.

here are just a few of my favorites that I could share, there were SO many more of this beautiful birth:



where we began…

June 3, 2011

It was so sweet to be with them again…a different time, a different room, but the players all the same. Erin and Jay so graciously allowed me to capture the birth of their first son, it was my first birth too. Here we are two years later, Erin once again made it look easy, and I was so very honored to watch this little guy, a brother, be born.  Thank you, thank you E & J…you and your dear boys are just lovely in every way…I will be forever grateful for where we began.

big bro indeed…

April 2, 2011

baby max5

Could this family be any cuter?! The amazing Ashley welcomed a 10lb. sweek cheeked baby boy into the world this week. The love was swirling big time around this new crew of four. I am constantly struck by how love gets you into this world and what is waiting for you when you finally make your appearance. *sigh*, I really love my work.
Thanks to A, D and kids for allowing me to capture it!

baby m love19
baby max4
baby m love40
baby max2
baby m love36
baby m love34

You can see the rest of the welcome here!

birth bliss…

January 23, 2011

As I got home from the birth and started sorting through the pictures I kept thinking…
this is what a wide open heart looks like…
this is what it looks like to have someone really believe in you…
this is what discovering your amazing strength looks like…
this is what pure raw joy looks like…
this is the power of being loved into being…

Thank you, thank you Joni and John for allowing me to be part of such sweet, sweet experience. I will always remember your love and joy. Welcome to the world little guy!
j&j birth b&w8
j&j birth b&w18
j&j birth b&w27
j&j birth b&w32
j&j birth b&w35
j&j birth b&w44
j&j birth b&w59
j&j birth b&w63
j&j birth b&w82
j&j birth b&w90
Thanks to Joni and John for sharing something so special with us and showing us just how blissful birth can be, you can see the rest of their amazing birth here.