love me like this…

November 10, 2012


They sat just like this for close to 4 hours, opening their eyes only during the contractions to help find their way through. He never moved a muscle. I got home and poured through the pictures in total awe of all they held… together.

I pulled just this one picture and took it to my husband to show him…”Look at this love, THIS is a serious love.”

“I love you like that.” he said plainly. …and I knew he did, he does. I walked away from this birth inspired to try to let him and others love me in new ways. …in times that feel long like a birth and my soul is exhausted or moments when I am vulnerable, because there is incredible strength there.

Megan and Matt taught me so much in their birth, in the ways they care for each other, how they worked together…they were wise beyond their years. It was an amazing birth, I am so honored they allowed me to be there and that they are willing to share, because it was powerful and profound.

What a blessed little boy…what a sweet family.

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true love…

September 6, 2012

She introduced the idea gently… “SOooo would you photograph my wedding?” well, maybe not so gently.

“…but Ash, I don’t DO weddings, I don’t have the equipment, I have a seriously old camera, I know nothing about flash, they won’t be crispy clean and perfect. ” I said.

“Yeah, I don’t care about all that, we want you.” she said. And there was nothing in me that could say no, she is just so lovely and dear in every way…and I knew she meant it (but it still stressed me out), I knew she just wanted to marry Dan. THAT was everything, the rest was just details…their love is tender and sweet…and true. This is probably the only kind of wedding I could even attempt.

And there is no way I could ever do justice to that day, there was a warmth and kindness all around it…and joy. At the end, I was the one that felt blessed, to stand behind my camera and fuzzy pictures, to witness that sweet, sweet day.

Thanks Ash and Dan…we love you.

so much love and thanks to Jess Lucia for being my second shooter and wedding photographer doula that day…you were amazing.

mad props to all you wedding photographers…you have all my respect dudes…that stuff is HARD!