kindness captured: a day of bravery and kindness

June 19, 2012

We just need an hour of your time.
To be brave. To be kind.

American Bear and Guerilla Goodness are collaborating to bring you Kindness Captured: A Day of Bravery and Kindness in Syracuse, Richmond, New York City, Dallas, Boston and Seattle.

All around the city we will be placing Kindness Kits — complete with a draw your own mission envelope, the props you need to complete the missions, instructions, and a disposable camera to document your adventure.

TO FIGURE OUT YOUR TIME AND PICK-UP-POINT EMAIL PATIENCE at Instructions will be e-mailed the week of June 25, 2012.

I will give you a time and a place to meet on Saturday the 30th. You show up at the location, with a friend or two in tow, follow the directions and have an amazing time.

All you need to bring is $5, yourself and an adventurous spirit.
There will be 10 missions in each kit and you and your team will complete one within the hour. Mostly they are very easy. Like picking wild flowers and handing them to strangers or writing three letters and sticking them under random doorsteps. The kit explains all the pieces. Then you will hand off the kit to the next team and they will continue to spread the kindness.

If you want to share the amazing and kind things happening in real time, we recommend a cell phone or digital camera — disposable photos take some time to develop.

The kindness is goin’ down in RVA friends… and we can’t wait.

You can find out more about the American Bear documentary and Guerrilla Goodness here:

To sign up for the event and all the latest info, head on over to the RVA KC Facebook Event page!

5 Responses to “kindness captured: a day of bravery and kindness”

  1. Tacy Says:

    If anyone is interested in joining us here in Seattle, we’ve got a Facebook event open too and would love to have you participate! Tacy and Ross

  2. Kelly Says:

    This is truly wonderful! I wish you well from Cleveland, Oh!


  3. Lisa Says:

    pure awesomeness!!!

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