We just need an hour of your time.
To be brave. To be kind.

American Bear and Guerilla Goodness are collaborating to bring you Kindness Captured: A Day of Bravery and Kindness in Syracuse, Richmond, New York City, Dallas, Boston and Seattle.

All around the city we will be placing Kindness Kits — complete with a draw your own mission envelope, the props you need to complete the missions, instructions, and a disposable camera to document your adventure.

TO FIGURE OUT YOUR TIME AND PICK-UP-POINT EMAIL PATIENCE at patience@kindnessgirl.com. Instructions will be e-mailed the week of June 25, 2012.

I will give you a time and a place to meet on Saturday the 30th. You show up at the location, with a friend or two in tow, follow the directions and have an amazing time.

All you need to bring is $5, yourself and an adventurous spirit.
There will be 10 missions in each kit and you and your team will complete one within the hour. Mostly they are very easy. Like picking wild flowers and handing them to strangers or writing three letters and sticking them under random doorsteps. The kit explains all the pieces. Then you will hand off the kit to the next team and they will continue to spread the kindness.

If you want to share the amazing and kind things happening in real time, we recommend a cell phone or digital camera — disposable photos take some time to develop.

The kindness is goin’ down in RVA friends… and we can’t wait.

You can find out more about the American Bear documentary and Guerrilla Goodness here:

To sign up for the event and all the latest info, head on over to the RVA KC Facebook Event page!

monday gratitude…

June 11, 2012

Really good things for today my friends:

1. Kindnessgirl.com got a small and lovely mention in the July issue of Good Housekeeping in their article on Kindness…it’s a great article with lots of great ideas. Check it out on page 126 next to the orange crayon! Woohoo!

2. Kindness Captured: A Day of Bravery and Kindness, our kindness adventure in 4 cities on June 30th, has an invite up on Facebook for those in RVA! If you want to host this event in your city, e-mail me at patience@kindnessgirl.com and I’ll send you the invite and information.

The city host role (is 1 or 2 people) involves:

Creating a Facebook event page and managing it.

Inviting friends and people in your city to join you.

Answering e-mails and questions about interest in the event.

Organizing who will be where and when.

We’ll have a kit explaining it all but I just thought it might be good to know what it all involves!

The rest of you kindness people: Just show up with 5 bucks at the time and location you are given and be ready to do a kindness mission! Yay! (you have to send me your e-mail address so I can send you all the info!

3. Magic Wand is rollin’! We are working on some in-city wand making parties at some of your favorite places and festivals in RVA this summer!

4. I finally, after much resistance, added an “about me” page. I decided it would be SOoooo much better if it was about US….so please head on over there, read mine and then add yours in the comments. It’s always been about us anyway.

What bit of gratitude is rising for you today…on this Monday? Please tell us in the comments below, gratitude is contagious.

grateful for these 2 babies of their families today…

kindness captured!

May 24, 2012

Guys! Remember our friends Sarah and Greg from American Bear: An Adventure In The Kindness Of Strangers? Ever since that article Sarah and I have been dreaming up a kindness event that we could do together (we’ve also shared our various stranger stories and had epiphanies about our Numerology numbers! Yay for 11’s! ) with our communities.

We are so excited to tell you

Kindness Captured! A Day In Bravery And Kindness

is coming to 4 cities (maybe more!) at the end of June.

Look for more info soon…can you stand it? SO exciting!

Holla in the comments if you want in, or are intrigued, or maybe just mildly curious!  This is the summer you guys…it’s going to be a helluva summer filled with so much kindness!

(sooooo…Huffington Post asked me to blog for their new Good News section. I know, I know, I get to tell kindness stories…swoon! So here is part of my first post below. Likes and shares would help keep me around over there and be much appreciated.  I wish I was one of those cool writer types but it’s more of a total performance freak out over here, but I think this is the learning I invited friends! Dear people are offering to help proofread and edit me, there were lots of kind, encouraging words, all things I need to help me take these learning risks. It also helps when you get to write about people like Sarah and Greg.)

I am kind of in love with strangers, the conservative business man in the three piece suit on the metro, the old lady who cuts my fabric at the craft store, the traveling hipster kid dressed in skinny black jeans with the straggly dog.

On any given day, I have at least three memorable stranger experiences. I am not sure why or how, it may just be in my genes. My childhood was filled with memories of my mother having heavy, deep and real conversations in three minutes flat with the checkout girl and toll guy.

Maybe it is the allure that we are connected for just a moment with no past or future to hold, or realizing that there may be less danger in “stranger danger” after all. The simple idea of breaking social boundaries to reach out or offer something to people we don’t know often reveals all kinds of things about humanity we never imagined…

you can read the rest here.