kindness captured!

May 24, 2012

Guys! Remember our friends Sarah and Greg from American Bear: An Adventure In The Kindness Of Strangers? Ever since that article Sarah and I have been dreaming up a kindness event that we could do together (we’ve also shared our various stranger stories and had epiphanies about our Numerology numbers! Yay for 11’s! ) with our communities.

We are so excited to tell you

Kindness Captured! A Day In Bravery And Kindness

is coming to 4 cities (maybe more!) at the end of June.

Look for more info soon…can you stand it? SO exciting!

Holla in the comments if you want in, or are intrigued, or maybe just mildly curious! ┬áThis is the summer you guys…it’s going to be a helluva summer filled with so much kindness!