guerrilla goodness: kindness travels…

July 4, 2012

Have you ever been on a road trip with a small child? or children?!! There is a whole science to packing, timing leaving, napping, snacks…and yet even at your best, there will be a moment when you will have to stop because no one can take even one more minute in the car. together.

And this is the moment you need a little travel grace. and joy. and busy little hands and minds.

As we are about to take an an 18 hour car trip ourselves, I was remembering the year my mom made these awesome travel kits for a road trip to Pennsylvania for a family reunion. Every few hours we got to pull a new activity out and I will never forget the Snoopy doll with the changeable outfits- it’s burned in my kid that-was-amazing memory. While we don’t have any 80’s Snoopy figures to hand out we thought there might be a trail of kindness we can leave for harried mothers and bored children that might become part of their trip memories.

Kate over at Mini-eco made these fantastic paper beads that I have loved using for kindness projects over the years. They are super easy to make and so visually gratifying. Head on over there for instructions- they really only require some colored paper, glitter glue and a stick. My kids love making them with me.

We grabbed some clear cello bags, brown paper, string , ribbon and threw in a Kindness Changes Everything sticker (so friends could find us or pass the kindness on) and made these little project packs for kids.

I tied a little square at the end of each beading string to avoid the kid drama of making the entire necklace and then letting go of one side and having the beads go all over the car seat- never to be found again among old french fries and dried up carrot sticks.

I also included 2 strings in some of the packets just in case there was a sibling, because how much would it suck if you found this little gift and then had 2 kids fighting over it?! Kindness trip FAIL!

I wrote a different note or message on each but most said something like this:

This Is For YOU! 

Dear mother traveling a long distance with small children,

may this busy little hands and bring some joy as you travel.

Now it’s your turn to pass on another act of kindness! 

Some started with:

Are your kids going nuts yet? Are YOU? Need something to do right about now? 

If you aren’t sure what to write, here is a download for some labels to attach to your kindness project! They fit on a 3.75 x 6 inch cello bag.

Here is the tag! They fit 3 to a sheet to print:

Other ideas for tiny project kits:

stickers and small squares of paper


small games and activity print outs

colored pencils and small homemade books

Leave these little kits at rest stops, changing stations, benches, airports, trains, gas stations….any where a family might discover them. Let your kids do the hiding! Have fun!

May you have smooth, easy, happy car rides, even in the 15th hour and lots of kindness on your travels!


4 Responses to “guerrilla goodness: kindness travels…”

  1. What a great way to spread kindness! I don’t think we are going on any lengthy trips this year, but I will see if we can drop these off at the travel centers near us : ) I am sure this would make someones day! Lovely idea.

  2. Andrea Says:

    Have you patented your kindness concept? Also , have you thought about selling kindness kits, and these great travel kits. Just thinking, but in the end ,keep praying , ideas that will produce income will come

  3. Sahara Says:

    I grew up in a HUGE family and many of our family friends also had a lot of children. My mom used to make up ‘travel kits’ for people with kids to take with them – she’d bake some brownies, throw in some coloring books & crayons, some puzzles, a deck of cards, some inexpensive plastic dinosours (or farm animals) and stuff like that to entertain on long car trips. Because there really is only so many times you can play ‘I spy with my little eye….” before insanity sets in! 😉

    We really had fun making those bags!!

  4. Bettina S Says:

    Hi Patience! I just read this to my wifey and she said, let’s make those kinds of things for our road trip to the Smoky Mtns. this fall! So while we don’t have kiddos I am looking forward to making these and leaving them at rest stops along the way for others. Once again, way to go with the inspirations!!

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