a few of my favorite things…

July 15, 2012

all the good things…it’s important to find them, or let them find you.

LOVE…we need it now. This is for you and me J.

We called these grasshoppers Louie when we were kids…this is for you Kate.

Kinfolk Manifesto from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

Life is art, art is life…love this magazine.


a dear person and her kind work in the world going viral on Huffington Post!! (i predict) SO excited for Melinda! Hug on!

5 Responses to “a few of my favorite things…”

  1. gracie rae Says:

    Celebrating Melinda as well. Hugs to you in honor of her amazing work

  2. Hugs are truly important. It is said we need 4 hugs a DAY just to maintain sanity, many of us are Not meeting our quota.

    I organize and offer Free Hugs around the world and in every city I visit. I always carry my sign. You never know when there might be a Free Hugs Emergency.

    Here’s my 5 minute TED Talk, part of their worldwide talent search speaking of sharing JOY. HUGS is a HUGE part of that joy.

    Please share and please leave a comment ON TED if you resonate.


    HUUUG (from my heart to yours)

  3. jules423 Says:

    Absolutely true. Today I realized I received two hugs already – two friends I had not seen for awhile – that they both came up to me with a hug – that speaks volumes about friendship and caring. Thank you Patience that you once again, you wonderful kindness girl, for making me stop and think about the fact that I was hugged today – what it means. You are just too good at being kind, my friend. You don’t know how you redirect me when I really, really need redirection in the right way. May you be blessed with kindness today my friend.


  4. Melinda Says:

    Oh Patience, you are one of MY favorite things. HUG !

  5. Cisal Says:

    Miriam – Hi! I enjoy Jayden’s Godly music with the band. Now I’m enjoying you (Jayden + Caroline), your photo art and a fresh view at life thougrh your lens. I’m blessed!

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