if you came to my house…

August 25, 2012

If you had dropped by my house this morning…

You would have seen the dark sky and gentle rain as an invitation to spend a day in hibernation.

You would have heard this dear exchange while we cooked breakfast together:

Lucy- I wish I could always be your little girl mom…

Me- but you will!

Lucy- I know but I’ll grow up some day…but it’s a good thing it’s takes a very long time to grow up. Don’t you think? And we need some music right now. PAPA! Can you put on The Beatles?

You would have heard me tell her the sweet memories of my childhood. The best of my girlhood was spent in a kitchen with my mom and 3 sisters making a holiday meal…each person had a place and job…and thinking how far I am from that place today, in so many ways.

You would have seen my husband come into the kitchen and kiss me…and secretly be encouraged I seem more like myself and not hiding from the world watching Downton Abbey under the covers…  maybe also a little relieved to have had a small break from carrying both our loads.

You would see dogs refuse their own food and wait quietly at the feet of a young child…because they know that no one in the house follows the proper animal rules…and there are lots of drops and spills.

You would hear me call everyone to help and set the table at least 3 times because no one ever comes the first time.

You would see me cut the last flowers alive from the beautiful bouquet a dear friend dropped by my door from her daughter’s wedding…the flowers hold memory from honoring the beauty of witnessing a real and true love. …and this friend whose tender heart and spidey sense must have known/felt I needed the power of love and flowers. The smaller bunch passed on for a morning breakfast table.

You would have seen me teach Jack how to light a match and votive candle…and about the 348 matches and tiny hairs singed it took to conquer the skill, but we did.

You would have heard some family razzing, and inspection of a mosquito/spider bite followed by a discussion on Spiderman’s webbing abilities and the latest news of Mars and the Curiosity Rover…and someone trying to remember what the surface gravity is on Mars.

You would have heard me ask everyone to clear their plates and put them in the dishwasher.

You would have heard my small sigh of tiredness and my eyes almost get weepy over a song still playing by The Beatles. You would hear me tell Jorge that The Beatles are the perfect soundtrack music for a mild bout of depression.

You would have seen the delightful child that started the day cooking with me then be annoyed we are not moving on to board games and bummed she has to sit at the table until everyone is done. (and besides, I already gave her all my good parenting in making the breakfast together. There just isn’t a board game in my future on this day.)

You would see everyone eventually mosey on out completely forgetting to clean their plates and put them in the dishwasher.

You would see me clean up half the mess and then go back upstairs to crawl in bed to find out if Anna and Mr. Bates will ever be together.*

You would hear some small child ask about lunch 23 minutes after breakfast was done.

Please indulge me…what would I see at your house this morning? …you know, if I had dropped by.

*this was Downton Abbey chatter- hope I didn’t ruin it for anyone. Please also feel free to share your DA love in the comments.

11 Responses to “if you came to my house…”

  1. Karen Says:

    This peek into your morning was special. Thank you for the glimpse of what I remember when I was raising my children:). God Bless you all.

  2. Annie DeSanti Says:

    You write so beautifully and draw us into your world with your perfect words and photos. Peeking into my own house this morning you would have seen ‘We-Will-Never-Have-a-Cat-in-This-House’ (a.k.a Maximus Caticus) leap onto the bed with his little tinsel ball, dropping it on my husband’s head, no respect for the fact we finished working at midnight .. he was ready to roll! Irresistible as Max the Cat is, up we got to play ball! A daily pre-breakfast walk, a decidedly Italian breakfast prepared by my husband and then little relaxed daily chores accompanied by much laughter and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons on the i-Pod. Not as eloquently put as yours is Patience but there it is…. and the best of mornings to all!

  3. Annie DeSanti Says:

    … and I love Downton Abbey! Alas, we live a gypsy lifestyle and being able to see this is random luck rather than good planning. Sometimes one sees the new before the old, hence the occasional death and then resurrection!

  4. Annie Delgado Says:

    What a lovely morning. My morning? I live alone and you would have seen me drag myself to the coffee pot and as I drink my coffee, that is when I say my prayers in the absolute silence of living alone.

  5. Jeri O. Says:

    I love your morning, Patience! I have so many lovely, little kid memories of our family at our lake cabin on Priest Lake, making pancakes with huckleberries we picked the day before-Bacon and orange juice and coffee and such good conversation. When my grandma was in charge there was also big band music playing on the stereo. All of us so anxious to get out on the lake but we had to wait until we did our chores-painful to have to spend 10 WHOLE minutes dusting or making beds. This morning, I am far away from that, in Seattle, with my dog, just back from a walk by the water. It’s beautiful here today and every Seattlite knows, these days are numbered so everyone is out-walking and biking and getting coffee including me! Thanks for a get reminder of moments I love! xxoo

  6. Martha Says:

    Best of mornings to all!! If you had been at my house you would have seen my husband leaving happily for a golf tournament with a young man he rescued from drug addicted parents years ago, they are now best of friends. You would have seen me eating my oatmeal and then leashing up Barb the dog for a long walk on the parkway by my house where I try to have more fun than the pain in my knee — today I had more fun!! Lots of great dog owners and dogs to visit with – man do I love dog people!! You would have seen me head to lunch with my dear sister Claire for another of our heart to heart talks about life and its wide breadth of pain and joy… Ah the richness of a Saturday morning!!

  7. First, thank you for a lovely post. The Beatles help EVERYTHING to feel better. and next, HUUUUUG…
    If you came by my house, ok, my Mother’s house, this morning you would have seen me curled under the crumpled sheets in bed, pillow over my head, alone lingering a little longer because the sky was grey. Then out of bed for a cup of French press amaretto coffee and a bit of cranberry nut muffin; my dog Tallulah perched on my lap as I checked email and my Mom’s dog Penny sat at my feet. Mom eating her oatmeal listening to NPR in between doing laundry and asking if was working.
    Next you would have seen me hop onto Facebook to feel a sense of connecting, sending out virtual Free Hugs to a few friends going through rough times, and then chatting with a good friend, fellow Storyteller Fabian in Bogota, Colombia. We shared memories of good times performing together in Bogota last September at a Festival.
    Then I tried to catch up in my Gratitude journal which is still 10 days behind. Reflecting on all that has happened this summer; immersing in story 24/7 in Jonesborough TN where I recorded a Storytelling CD filled with true tales of FREE HUGS, Bubbles on Subways and Superhero Big Wheel Races, felt great joy in attending classes presenting on JOY and Humor in story, telling, writing, and learning.
    Reflecting too on good news, last Thursday I learned the book about my volunteer literacy project in Belize containing indigenous legends and student stories collected from my workshops WILL be published in 2013 and struggling to meet a deadline for all the PR and marketing for that book while trying to ignore those squirrels in my head that chatter “not good enough” and “you’re a story TELLER not a writer.”
    Having more gratitude about friends, even if right now they are immersed and so busy with their own families and activities that when in town I see them maybe 3 times a year.
    Whew. it was a busy brain morning.
    Thank you for sharing about your truth; I’m sure many of us can relate to burying under covers. Here’s another HUG. <<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  8. tina Says:

    being a 3rd shifter, you would have seen me still awake. sitting on the couch, watching the 3rd season of burn notice on netflix. My 1940s Coronada beast of a sewing machine quietly whirring as i sewed squares upon squares together in the hopes of making my first ever puff quilt (or biscuit quilt if you prefer) out of some funky psychedelic fabric that i had laying around waiting for inspiration to hit. my 15 year old diabetic cat sleeping on the arm of couch next to me, occasionally whacking me with his tail. my 135 pound dog curled up smaller than you think would be physically possible on the cushion next to me, and next to him my 95 pound dog curled up on the other cushion. my 17 year old cat chasing her tail and me laughing hysterically at her antics. me getting distracted by the lightening and storm rolling in over the bluffs, pausing to feel those pre-storm cold winds blow through my hair. my husband’s and my usual conversation as he gets up to go to the bathroom and stumble back to bed, words only he and i understand to mean ‘i love you’ and everyone else just wonders what the hell we are talking about.

    and then its time for bed. i let the dogs out thankful i don’t need to watch them even though we don’t have a fenced in yard (i love country living), and leave the door cracked so they can let themselves in when they’re done. i get their breakfast and put it in their spots. my diabetic cat immediately starts to sneak dog food. my 17 year old cat with only 4 teeth left goes to her spot on the stairs, jumping from 1 stair to the next, sticking her head out between the railings like she is going to jump off, so anxious to get her mushy food. the dogs come running in with great enthusiasm, knowing they will get tall praise for coming in on their own, knowing breakfast awaits. i feed my other cat in his spot, give him his insulin (he is so awesome, so tolerant, never fights his twice daily shots). then i curl up next to my husband in my nook – that perfect comfy safe spot in the crook of his arm – and watch the sun rise behind the passing rain. and i say thank you. thank you for my perfectly imperfect life.

  9. kazari Says:

    My day. Well, it started with a shout from my two year old, and then a high five – he had stayed in bed until the ‘sun went up’ on his gro clock, at 6.30 am!
    We cuddled on the couch with cartoons for a little bit, before we ate breakfast together. Then we went to the farmers market (apples, greens, coffee and bagels) and the supermarket (muesli, out-of-season veggies-i-can’t-live-without) and home again. Straight out into the garden – because it is spring! and then an accident because we are toilet training and we headed straight into the garden without a potty break.
    At that point I begin to lose my mummy mojo. I don’t really want to track more dirt into the house, so I try to distract my son with the laundry – he loves putting clothes in the machines. But then he drives ME to distraction by slamming the dryer door between each handful of clothing I add. I actually told him he was being a pain in the butt… which is the first time i’ve ever called him anything mean.
    So i herd us both back in to the garden and call my boyfriend – we are supposed to have a picnic lunch in the park, but i’m just not capable today. So he comes over, and we take a trip together to the garden store (which has a brilliant playground my son loves) and after that we all have nap time, and then a trip to the skate park, and by then i’m feeling better.
    After my boyfriend has left, my son and i sit down for leftovers for dinner (thank goodness for leftovers!) and then we settle into our bath and bed routine.
    And thats my beautiful sunday.

  10. If you came to my house on the morning of 8/25/12 you would have seen organized chaos.

    My ten year old packing an overnight bag, gathering board games and cards (just in case the power went out) and moving pet necessities (for 2 dogs, 2 cats and a bearded dragon) into a safe room just in case we got hit by “Isaac”.

    Me reviewing our emergency kit. Making sure all of our important documents are scanned onto a thumb drive, evacuation routes printed, storm shelters researched, inventorying food and water, meds. Also putting our emergency plan into action and calling friends and neighbors that may need help.

    My husband putting up storm shutters, fueling up the vehicles, taking and making business calls in preparation for “Isaac”.

  11. Bessie Says:

    Saturday, April 25th my household slept in, except for my sister, who was up making breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, oatmeal, it was great! My niece called me to get up because breakfast is ready. And it was a gentle, Auntie Bess is still sleeping knock, it was pounding and grating and loud! I still smiled because she was so excited, pancakes! We had talked about going to the mountains today to go fishing for Rainbow Trout, so she was extra excited. So, I sat at the table with my sister, Sweet Girl, and a groggy JR who stayed up too late gaming. We enjoyed a meal together and it reminded me of when we used to sit at a dining table as a family when I was a child and I kinda missed my late Daddy. My sister put on some music, George Strait and we just visited, laughed, planned and shared our enthusiasm for the day. Sweet Girl raced around to get ready, I loaded the fishing poles and her and I discussed what we would buy for lunch in Harrah and loaded up the truck and hit the road.

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