on college and parties and books…

August 26, 2012

There are some conversations you just don’t want to forget…we were riding in the car on  our way to a cookout and somehow the subject of college came up.

Lyra: I am NOT going to college!

Me: Why not? College is fun, you get to learn stuff AND then go to parties at night!

Lyra: I am DEFINITELY going to college!

Jack: Yeah, I am gonna get afternoon classes so I can sleep in after the parties and then go to class. (this disturbs me slightly that my 9 year old is already doing party math)

Me: So are you going to go to a party every night?

Lucy: Oh no! THAT would be too much cake Jack!

Yes…too much cake indeed Luce!  Cake, not beer, cake.

and while I have you thinking of college, cake and other good things, I have a request! Can you please weigh in in the comment section-

Would you rather read a field guide (of sorts) to guerrilla/family kindness with lots of pictures OR a memoir-ish book of stories about kindness?

Thanks! Hope this Sunday is just what you need…

21 Responses to “on college and parties and books…”

  1. Maria Holme Says:

    OK so I want to say BOTH…but that doesn’t help does it? How about a book that has two front covers in opposite directions with both….see clearly I want to read whatever you write because it’s all REALLY REALLY good!!! You make a difference in the world….and whatever you do will be great! ….no pressure….. :O)

  2. me too both, or about combining…. and agreed, I will read Whatever you do! HUG!

  3. Jenna Says:

    Memorish book of kindness stories with pIctores, your lovely pictures

  4. Andrea Pelosi Says:

    I think you do both particularly well. I have been inspired by your missions of kindness as well as the in the moment pictures. Why not a book that is a field guide with personal notes of how you were inspired to do the mission. I look forward to the book you are inspired to create. Cheers.

  5. heather1000 Says:

    I’d actually read either one! But since I mostly read books on my b&w kindle these days, I’d have to go with the non-picture heavy book… 🙂

  6. Sahara Says:

    I think a combo of both would work nicely – go with your heart – you will know what works best as you start putting it together!
    OR…. you can write one of each? Publish one now, save one for later……
    (just thinking big for you!!! after all, you’ve helped me believe that people can be honest and kind again – thank you for that!)

  7. B Says:

    field guide!

  8. Erin Wilson Says:

    I want to read whatever you most want to make.

  9. Liz Goldberg Says:

    I believe what people probably could use most is a field guide, but if you pepper it with stories that is even better. 🙂 I am reading a book which is so off topic of kindness, (Jumped In, What Gangs Taught Me About Violence, Death, Love and Redemption by Jorja Leap). The author talks about herself and her struggles and how that colors what she is learning. So even though the book is a field guide of sorts, it is also a memoir. Good luck on this Patience. The world needs so much more kindness (see the book I am reading).


  10. heather Says:

    I would love a field guide!

  11. Maggi Says:

    I vote for the field guide, P, but like the idea of including some personal stories. Reminded to check on the weekend in the yurt for you!

  12. Kelly Says:

    What about a memoir-style book with a little how-to section (at the end of the book or the end of each chapter) for people who want to make their own kindness-magic?

    Thanks for sharing yourself and your kindness and your sweet family with us.

  13. Betse Kelly Says:

    stories of kindness please…with a how-to attached

  14. Annie DeSanti Says:

    Whatever you write works. A field guide is great but your memoir-ish/musings are so good to read. Maybe the emphasis on those with a side of field-guiding. Your ‘musings’ are a kind of field guide in themselves anyway aren’t they.

  15. Jenn Says:

    Honestly? I think you should do a memoir/collection of kindness stories, and then do a companion field guide (with lots of photos!) to go with it. 🙂 They both have their merits, and each one would work on its own or together with the other.

    Your writing is great, any way you slice it you are an inspiration. Even on the dark days.

  16. Danyelle Says:

    yeah, like Annie said, memoir-ish with emphasis on your kindness missions. Seeing/reading about you doing things makes us brave enough to do things.

  17. As many have said, I like the field guide written in a memoir-ish style. Maybe a memoir with photos is what I’m really trying to describe.

  18. SedonaMichelle Says:

    I would definetly say to find a way to integrate both. Its both aspects of your work that is what hits everyone so deeply. We want to know HOW to make it our own work AND see how you’ve accomplished it and made it real already!!! Blessings on this journey of birthing a book. So exciting….

  19. Miriam Says:

    Before I even clicked to comments I was thinking, “Both, please!” And now it seems I’m in good company. I love those kinds of books that say stuff like–this is how my life was changed and here are some practical suggestions so you can go and do likewise!

    Bless you, Patience! You have such a wonderful way of warming my heart!

  20. Lisa Says:

    oh i wish i had read this on sunday! it was my birthday and i was determined not to let our usual sunday funk affect me. so my 2 year old was hugs and kisses and sang happy birthday all morning (usually to himself, but still) and only cried for a little while when it was time for a nap. and i went for a pedicure – an hour long delight culminating in sparklicious toes. but then home was a crying baby boy who wanted his momma and a frustrated, on-the-verge-of-depression dad and i felt the darkness trying to move in. but i refused to let it that day and outside i went with the boy for bubble blowing and playing in the water while dad begrudgingly made me a birthday pot roast. eventually the 2 year old went to bed and i thanked my love for a wonderful dinner and day and saw the clouds part. and my birthday ended on a sweet note – just the right amount of homemade chocolate torte and strawberry ice cream…the thing about getting older is you do eventually learn that too much is indeed too much.

    both sound great, but my heart loves a sweet memoir.

  21. Lisa Says:

    Field guide!!!

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