when the universe has you…

December 6, 2012

mathilda b love_-16

When the universe has you and you know it, you see it…it feels this tender, this sweet.

I have had a whirlwind couple of weeks. I thought I was finished with projects and plans for the year and was settling in to hibernate   when 2 e-mails and a few calls came in. …the kind of calls that fall into your lap and are very clearly from the universe. Before I knew it, meetings about the future of Kindnessgirl were in full force…humbling, honest conversations that asked me to look at everything and answer questions about things I have worried about and skated around for a long, long time.

Each talk and offering of wisdom revealed all that is no longer serving me, and maybe for the first time ever, I am becoming very clear about how my values will project the future around here. …and all the things that I care about so deeply are shaping a really beautiful and unconventional way of being and doing in the world.

“…because we do this for art and beauty and love.” she said.

yes, yes we do.

and the tiny voice in my head that always wondered if and how we can do this bigger dream is leaving…the fear being replaced with a deep excitement and a kind of relief that comes when you finally surrender to your heart and step into the power that has been waiting for you.

it’s good guys, really good…and I don’t mean to be so vague…but the ground swell of kindness is coming and it’s going to be bigger than any of us imagined…because we all hold it…because we all need it… because we are in it together…because kindness changes everything.

so tonight I am tired, but a good tired…and I will sleep knowing the universe is holding it and we only have to wake up and follow.

11 Responses to “when the universe has you…”

  1. kristinpedemonti Says:

    Glad you have found the “knowing” and that universe is responding! Looking forward to seeing the continued unfolding of kindness! Hug!

  2. Jen Bailey Says:

    I really believe that once we let go of our expectations, and just come to accept where we are right now, here in this moment of beautiful, messy, crazy…. that’s when the universe comes rushing in to meet you with arms wide open. I am just so happy for you. I can’t wait to see where kindness is taking you!

  3. Valerie Says:

    Thank you for the en-courage-ing words at the perfect time.
    I can so relate to what you are saying…in a parallel way with http://www.angelsamongus.tv. By the way, thank you for letting us post your kindness girl video in the “a-reporters” section. I love it! We seem to be hearing the same call….:) Blessings to you and Sweet Dreams…

  4. Ann Says:

    How wonderful everyone’s words are. May we all be well, courageous and happy with whatever decisions we make. Rest well, rise happy and as always, many thanks, Patience.

  5. kristen farlow Says:

    Very inspiring. Kindness is everything. Stick to that and you’ll live a joyous and peaceful life.

  6. Tracey Johnson Says:

    Congrats on what is clearly an amazing part of your journey. I’m eager to learn more!

    Speaking of the universe, I need to tell you that it delivered your blog to me. I’m now borderline-stalking you 🙂 (and I live in Arlington, so it’s an actual possibility, but I think I have it under control) (I apologize for joking about something that could easily become a serious issue…I had a friend who was actually stalked and it was beyond scary… )
    Anyway, I’m a school counselor and work with 7th & 8th grade students. This part week I started a counseling group for girls to help develop healthy self esteem (and the more challenging undoing of the unhealthy self esteem that has been developing over their 12/13 years).

    As I was trying to focus my brain on what I was going to do with these girls, a colleague sent me a link to your blog and the post about a school that celebrated “Kindness Week”. I serve as the leader of our school’s positive behavior program and my colleague knew I’d be excited to read about that – and I was! I’m so inspired by what that school did, but we’re still not at the part where the universe brought me to your blog.

    I then start poking around your blog, reading various posts, learning about you and what you do. It was then that I saw the gorgeous photo of your gorgeous daughter and read about it being what her expression was when talking about what her power felt like.

    Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

    A tear came to my eye. I had already been calling the group Girl Power and now I knew that our focus would be to identify our power, define it, build it, and own it!

    Our first group session was amazing. Eleven 12, 13, and 14 year olds exploring themselves and what makes feel their POWER.

    Thank you Patience. Thank you universe.

    • Cindy Says:

      May God keep giving you the guidance to show these young girls the positive side of life and may the Lord bless the growth of your group as word spreads about the GOOD you are sharing with these girls. Yes Patience is awesome.

  7. barefootlisa Says:

    Ahhh, Patience, yet again you capture it so beautifully — in a photo, in words. YES, STEPPING INTO YOUR POWER…that’s how I’ve been saying it lately.

    There’s this last line of a poem that I wrote…maybe I posted it on my blog — the poem is “Sacred Softening”…and the last line is something like…”and I discover that I have always been resting, shining in God’s lap.”

    We can be out and about — in our own heads and thoughts and daily “doings”…and feel so tired, estranged from the Divine. And then a deep knowing settles in you…after “surrendering”…a knowing that “oh my goodness, I’ve been here all along…right here on God’s lap. Resting and shining.”

    So shine on, sister!

    Love, Lisa

  8. kate Says:

    First off, I love this blog! I am a firm believer everyone needs a little more love in their life and that kindness is the best tool to get the job done! I am a student at CU Boulder and made a site for my Digital Marketing class all about good news and sweet stories at http://www.moreamore.weebly.com Check it out if you can!

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