mathilda b love_-16

When the universe has you and you know it, you see it…it feels this tender, this sweet.

I have had a whirlwind couple of weeks. I thought I was finished with projects and plans for the year and was settling in to hibernate   when 2 e-mails and a few calls came in. …the kind of calls that fall into your lap and are very clearly from the universe. Before I knew it, meetings about the future of Kindnessgirl were in full force…humbling, honest conversations that asked me to look at everything and answer questions about things I have worried about and skated around for a long, long time.

Each talk and offering of wisdom revealed all that is no longer serving me, and maybe for the first time ever, I am becoming very clear about how my values will project the future around here. …and all the things that I care about so deeply are shaping a really beautiful and unconventional way of being and doing in the world.

“…because we do this for art and beauty and love.” she said.

yes, yes we do.

and the tiny voice in my head that always wondered if and how we can do this bigger dream is leaving…the fear being replaced with a deep excitement and a kind of relief that comes when you finally surrender to your heart and step into the power that has been waiting for you.

it’s good guys, really good…and I don’t mean to be so vague…but the ground swell of kindness is coming and it’s going to be bigger than any of us imagined…because we all hold it…because we all need it… because we are in it together…because kindness changes everything.

so tonight I am tired, but a good tired…and I will sleep knowing the universe is holding it and we only have to wake up and follow.