the brightest light…

December 19, 2012

brightest light

I am watching Kindness go viral right before my eyes. It seems like the only response to bring honor to those lost and return hope to the world.

Thank you Ann Curry for using your power to call it in in such a profound way.

May we meet the darkest dark with the brightest light.

Much love to you all…

3 Responses to “the brightest light…”

  1. It is wonderful indeed. Continue all your good work! HUG!
    The act of kindness I will share, is Free Hugging a homeless woman who was sitting on the street with her possessions splayed out around her. I took at my sign and approached her with a smile. “Would you like a hug?” She looked at me with skepticism, “You’d hug me?” I nodded my head, “If you want one.” her expression transformed, arms opened and we hugged. I then apologized that I had no money to share with her, she responded, “Honey, that hug you just shared was worth more than any money you could have given me.” I walked around the large city block so I could hug her a second time before heading home.
    A few weeks ago, I went out to the Rockaways to volunteer and ended up going street to street, house to house hugging people. I’d like to go to Sandy Hook and just HUG.
    bless you, continue sharing HOPE Love and Kindness.

  2. Maria Holme Says:

    Inspired by the vibration of Acts of Kindness taking place, my wheels were turning wondering what I could do right now! Looked around the house and decided to use the box of small candy canes I had, printed up tags that on one side read “wishing you peace on earth” and on the other side “Random Act of Kindness in loving memory of the precious lives lost in Newtown CT.”

    Just got back from walking the neighborhood and placed them in about 15 mailboxes to share with neighbors.

    Thank you Patience for being an honest and genuine constant in the crazy world we live in.


  3. sheila Says:

    Thank you, thank you for your awesome ideas and willingness to share! There is a blog hop that has been started for to share our 26 acts of kindness and unite in sharing ideas to help the members of the Newtown community. I found it today and thought of you. Here is the link:

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