join us as we light the lights…

September 11, 2013

hams hand cover invite2

My dear friends… whew, so much has happened to get us here. More than I ever could have imagined…in so many ways I don’t even feel like the same person after doing this project.

I have been humbled on like a bagillion levels, discovered the beginning of perseverance, and been cracked open by the dark. …and now it’s time for the light.

Tonight we will light the kindness lights,there will only be a few lit- it’s our job to get the whole wall shining. You may want to find your light that night, the one you will light with your act of kindness.

AND then we will be able to interact with the togetherness part of the wall. (thanks to the brilliant crew at the Martin Agency) Put one hand on one of the touch points on either end column at the wall, then join hands with a friend or stranger to reach another touch point in between. Watch the wall light up, changing colors and patterns in a display of human connection. The more people you connect to, the longer the chain, the bigger light show will be.

I can’t wait for you to see and be part of it…it will only happen if we do it together. It doesn’t work any other way.

Thank you to so many that have loved me through all this…and been my light in the dark more times than I can count.

Much love to you all,

4 Responses to “join us as we light the lights…”

  1. Brenda Says:

    LOVE!!!!! Oh I wish I lived closer….I’m trying to plan a trip to experience the wall!!! So much kindness being shared…huge, huge love! Thank you, Ms. Beacon-of-light-who-isn’t-afraid-of-the-dark!!

  2. This is Brilliant and Beautiful. I love the LITERAL use of Light, Kindness does indeed Light up the Darkness. I only wish I lived closer and was not traveling so much so I could see this in person! I’ll have to experience it virtually. Thank you so much!

  3. amandam252 Says:

    I absolutely love the link! Thank you for sharing! The stories were absolutely amazing. I wish I lived in Virginia so I could attend, it sounds inspiring.
    Ive just started my own blog kindness, maybe you could look at it?

    Thanks for being an inspiration!

  4. i just found your blog and i’m inspired by nearly every single post šŸ™‚ i think our blogs have a lot in common, and i’d love to collaborate sometime šŸ™‚

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