I love school supplies…there is nothing better than a new set of markers, a pretty journal or super sharp pencils. But what if you got a new back pack AND got some ice cream after?!!! In honor of our good kindness friend Chris and her kindness mission, we thought we would do it over on our little part of the country.

If you are last minute school shopping this weekend, get some fabulous and inspiring supplies and leave a little treasure behind for another kid to find.

Here’s the deal:

1. Baskin Robbins sells $2 gift certificates, which is exactly the cost of a kid’s size cone. Perfect, right?!

2. Buy a few, and attach a little message with a post-it.

Some ideas for messages:

Have a great year at school! Have a little treat on us!

Kindness found you! Enjoy this treat!

Hope you know how sweet you are! Here’s a sweet to remind you!

3. Hide your ice cream treasures in back packs, pencil boxes, thermos canisters, and notebooks at your local store!

4. Grab an ice cream cone for yourself and enjoy the kindness high!

Tell us your story and share pictures if you decide to take on this cool mission…

Check out these cool pics from Kelly and her crew chalking for the first day of school!

chalk kindness+community=love

September 8, 2010


1. mary munford sidewalk love2, 2. tim callender sidewalk love6, 3. mary munford sidewalk love6, 4. by Jess Lucia 5. swift creek elementary3, 6. by Jess Lucia 7. Side Walk Chalk Geurrilla Goodness, 8. IMG_2495, 9. DSCN1292, 10. DSCN1269, 11. herbert’s kindness bush, 12. DSCN1255

Some went into the night all stealthy-like, others gathered in large groups but  Sidewalk Chalk Love was all about community this year. Hundreds of kids, parents, teachers, administrators, lovely photographers, artists, even kind friends in the neighborhood, people all over the country left notes of love and encouragement for students everywhere! 

I was amazed by how some schools had 30, 40 and even 50 people show up to chalk, teachers asked and their administrations took on the project together, kindness trees were popping up everywhere, there just seemed to be a special togetherness this year. The pictures are still pouring in and you can check some of them out at the Guerrilla Goodness Flickr Pool. You can also e-mail me with your photos at patience@kindnessgirl.com.  Be sure to let us know if you participated so we can add your kindness work to the ever-growing list.

Thank you, thank you everyone for making this year so very special!