you’re okay…

February 10, 2012

written for her son…we all need a mother to sing to us sometimes…you’re okay.

(thanks to the checkout girl for the heads up.)

So these were some of my favorites from the weekend that made our GREAT Wall of Motherly Kindness!

Feel free to leave your I love my mom because… comments below and I will add them to the kindness blackboard at Franklin Goose!  Look for Franklin Goose’s #motherlykindness tweets too!

….and also, in other kindness news, thank you to the very kind people of Richmond that voted to include KindnessGirl in the Best of Richmond issue from Style Weekly. I have this dream that my dear middle sized city will someday be known for its’ kindness, and I am so excited that the joy of kindness is spreading in the world…and that I get to be part of it! (you too!) So THANK YOU to all who voted!