the power of seven…

November 24, 2012

her face when I asked her what her power feels like


“Mom, I don’t know how this happened but it did….” she said as she strapped her bag on like Angelina-Jolie in a super-power-kick-ass action flick.

Me: What happened?!!

Her: Well, you know how I used to not be so fast, couldn’t jump, got tired and stuff? Well, you know, that was when I was six, but I am seven now and I just feel fast and like a good hiker. I feel so much POWER, like I am a great artist and good at ballet…mom, I am hard core Parkour.

Me: Oh, Luce, that is so rad. It feels so good to know your power huh?

Her: Yeah, it totally does.

…and she ran away to hop rocks in her hot pink suede boots. I have no idea how she even knows about parkour. * …and she turned 7 months ago, so I don’t know why this was the day she called it out, but she did.

I know she felt the thrill of free running, just like those crazy, amazing men hopping across buildings in France. She saw herself just like that and every leap across the rocky terrain exposed her manifestation…her power was stacking.

She reached her first obstacle, the divide looked too big and she started to doubt because there is always a moment of doubt.

Her: Mom, I am afraid.

Me: I know…I feel like that too sometimes, but just because you are afraid doesn’t mean your power is gone. It just may take a minute for you to find it, but it’s still there.

Her:  (just a minute later) Okay, yeah. I think I got it.

…and she did.

…and I seriously started to wonder if you can wake up one day and decide for something to be true about yourself …and then it is.

…that someplace inside you there is a power that will give you the courage and strength to take on something that feels so outside your reach. There is no guarantee that you will be perfect at it or that it won’t be hard but that maybe you will have the power to live and be it. …and the chance of obstacles is so high, but maybe that just isn’t a good enough reason to not do it anymore. …because you are 7 now.

It feels so, so hardcore parkour. 

On our way hiking back, I was thinking out loud and said, “Hmmm, not sure which way to go.”

Her: Mom, take my hand, I know the way…even grown ups need someone to help them find their power some times.

She lead the way and I wondered what the power of 37 or 43 or 56 may be. …because today I found out my inner seven year old ain’t no joke, and has some power free running left to do.

If you feel like connecting in the comments today: What power of your age is waiting for you to call out? What one thing do you wish you could do or be? It’s never too late to find your power.

*I can only guess from 2 You Tube lovin’ older brothers, the same people I had to convince just yesterday that taking video of your baby sister (Lyra) accidentally saying “damn it” was NOT appropriate to upload to the internet. (or video for that matter) They thought it was hilarious, which felt sort of ironic to me. …and mildly funny.

A few weeks ago Lucy asked if she could have a tea party. I instantly said yes as we both needed something to connect us as things have been high drama lately in girl world over here. We went straight to my bed and crawled in to start Pinteresting.

I think parties for no good reason may be the most fun to plan. There is no pressure of a birthday and it all can be done in your own sweet time. We had a magical Harry Potter party a few years back and ever since then I realized this is a sweet spot for us.

Luce decided on tea and strawberry parfaits. I have never made a parfait in my life, but this strawberry cheesecake recipe was just lovely. Things got crazy the day before party day so I did most of the prep myself.

A few things I figured out:

1. A twin size fitted sheet fits a rectangle table perfectly and won’t blow up in the wind.

2. Port wine cheese can be put into a pastry bag to decorate crackers with the sweetest little hearts.

3. Tiny blessings can be left on each seat and the perfect girl ended up sitting at the one meant for her.
a few of ours read:
You are Powerful
Your wisdom is magic
Your joy is contagious
You are deeply loved
You are beautiful in so many ways
You were made for adventure-(this was Lyra’s response when I read hers)

4. If your kid wants to switch up the party and do an incredibly messy and involved art project, just let her…it wasn’t worth the navigation of party dynamics. I won but totally realized my agenda shouldn’t have been as important.

5. Invite something meaningful in, we all need it and little girls rock at embracing it. We decided to do tattoos.
I asked each girl what word best represented or described them* and then I painted the word or phrase on them where ever they wanted. Their answers were awesome…and then the girls took turns drawing tattoos on each other with these VERY rad tattoo pens that our friend Jen lent us. (I wanna buy like a bagillion of them) There were sleeves of flowers and vines and henna-esque flowers of all rainbow colors. I sat for a half hour with my buddy Nora taking turns drawing pictures on each other.

She was the Queen of Water and Air and her bestie was Adventurous. I can only imagine what the combo will do one day.

There is something sweet about calling in the celebration of girlhood and mixing it with a bit of power and claiming parts of yourself together, before the world tries to chip it away.

…and nothing calls it in better than tea and tattoos.

*thanks to Katherine Center who is the queen of painting words on women.