this is how…

February 26, 2008

This is how you tell your husband you are pregnant with your FOURTH child:

First, you stop on the way to a friend’s house to buy a pregnancy test which you then sneak into her bathroom. You can’t possibly wait until you get home to take it. Truth be told, you knew you were pregnant when you brushed your teeth that morning. The very second the toothpaste hit your mouth. “Awww, hell, I am definitely pregnant” was my exact inner dialogue.

You then text your husband from her bathroom:

Me: Hey, took a test. I’m pregnant.

Him: WOW!

Me: I know right? are you okay?

Him: yeah, i’m good. you okay?

Me: yeah, love you…catch ya later?

Him: love you too. sounds good. bye!

You then proceed with your lovely breakfast with said friends while in awe of yourself that you can actually keep your own secret.

Your husband laughs for a week. “A little baby? Can you believe that? It’s awesome.” with goofy grin and head shake.

You realize you have to do something about this man because he could have 10,000 babies, his biological clock will never stop ticking. It is the same thing you secretly love about him because while you never had any conversations to have any your children, you know the words were never necessary. For all your big talk about being DONE, there was a tiny part of your heart that couldn’t find total peace, he knew. But can the record show- there is NOW plenty of peace, a big ole’ pile a mile high, peace everywhere I turn, full, complete, done…

The kids were delirious…

Josiah: (shaking his head) I did not see this coming. It’s very exciting, has papa heard about this?

Jack: (squeals, in a muppet voice) Oh my gosh, oh my gosh…if we have a boy baby there will be 4 BOYS and only 2 girls!

Lucy: in her own world entirely…

So now I battle the ick- the morning sickness I have never had before- the kind that is constant and doesn’t go away. I have a new level of sympathy for all pregnant women. And please do not allow your mind to think it could possibly be twins, I’m choosing to go with the- your older, this is your 4th- explanation.

peace to all!!!

14 Responses to “this is how…”

  1. instatick Says:


  2. kelly Says:

    oh. my. GOD. in all our conversations about morning sickness, i never ever ever thought about…gasp…TWINS!!! oh my–wouldn’t that just be…FAN-freakin-TASTIC! for you, that is. not for me. no twins for me, thank you. but you…you could do twins. but it’s probably just because you’re so OLD and you’ve had a billion kids. RIGHT! you are totally having twins! hahahahahaha! just kidding. i don’t know if you are or not. the lady in my head has nothing to say on the subject. whether it’s one or two, one thing’s for sure: you know they’re gonna be absolutely freakin GORGEOUS. in my next life i am totally mating with a central american.

  3. Jorge Says:

    HA… does Papa know??? I sure hope so!!!!

    I love you and I am so freaking excited it kills me.

    And no Kelly…. no twins!!!

  4. Amy Says:

    Holy Crap!!! I am SO happy for you guys! Although, I can not believe that I am hearing about this VIA your blog!!! šŸ™‚ Pregnancy and birth really is your super power!!!

  5. clay Says:

    oh my sweet jesus

  6. Amy Says:

    congrats…again! a new baby is exciting enough, but one born in cold weather does crazy things to a knitter! I’m assembling the troops…

  7. Florence Says:

    How wonderful! Amy put me in the loop. Remember the sickness is a good sign…the bitter with the sweet. Counting the days….

  8. Lara Says:


  9. Ann Says:

    You are living the joyful life my friend! Just get past the yucky sickness and you’l be on top of the world!

  10. Valerie Says:


  11. Wow! I find a long lost friend AND she’s having a baby. Can’t take it all in. Amy steered me your way and I was SO glad because I think about you all the time. I’m even drinking out of my Patience mug, still with me despite my aversion to mismatched mugwear. You rock girl!

  12. Krystyn Says:

    What a blessing! My heart is full of happiness for you.

    My sister just found out she’s pregnant as well, how’s that for timing?

  13. Melissa Says:

    Oh my gosh! I can’t even imagine. Congratulations and warmest wishes for a healthy, morning-sickness-free-as-soon-as-possible pregnancy!

  14. Ragamama Says:

    Oh my god Patience! How fantastic! I always thought you would have another. This is going to be so much fun. I know the sick is awful, call me if it gets really bad. Kelly and I can certainly offer empathy. The fun part is coming. Do as Dori the forgetful fish would do…”Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming.”

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