guerrilla goodness 3

March 12, 2008


I love getting packages….brown paper packages tied up with string.

I could barely contain myself yesterday when the brown box was sitting on my front porch. I think my kids were more excited than I was….this is definitely a guerrilla goodness project to do with kids.

While my husband is out playing golf somewhere on Saturday ( he needs it desperately) we will be leaving magic wands all over our city with messages of encouragement and empowerment. Actually, this could go a million different ways but if you feel inspired to join, you can take it any way you wish…

here are a few messages we have so far…

YOU are Magic!

Be the Magic you want to see in the world.

Kindness is like Magic- practice some today.

Today is FULL of possibilities!

You have the power to change the world! (josiah’s idea)

You are powerful!

Jack’s vote is to start with the ice cream place to leave these little treasures. So here we go!!!!! If you decide you want to spread some magic, here is where we got the wands or send me your address(thekindnessgirl@gmaildotcom ) and I’ll send you a few to start your own guerrilla goodness adventure. We’ll post pictures on Monday…

p.s. we bought the good old school black and white wands too for the purists in the world…

8 Responses to “guerrilla goodness 3”

  1. krystyn Says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you decided to do this! How fun.

    I could use some magic around here… got a wand that will pay my bills and materialize the perfect boyfriend out of mid-air? 😉

  2. Ragamama Says:

    I want the Samantha- Bewitched nose. I would like to wiggle my nose and my house be perfectly clean and dinner on the table.

  3. Kristen Says:

    they are the CUTEST things I have ever seen.

  4. Jo Says:

    OMG! I was just daydreaming of magic wands last night! A very dear friend of mine has a little girl who turns one next weekend and I was pondering what to get her – I was bummed because she a little too young to receive a magic wand (and tutu) after reading your post I know that really I wanted the magic wand! and you are sharing them with blessed strangers in your community! How wonderful, awesome, terrific – really! You make this a blessed world. Thanks for your blog and your guerrilla goodness!

  5. kindnessgirl Says:

    Jo- please send me your address via e-mail…you MUST have a wand! tell me your favorite color too… thanks for your kind words…

  6. kindnessgirl Says:

    does anyone else need a wand? it would make me so happy to send them…

  7. Amy Says:

    I can ALWAYS use a magic wand!

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