“It’s like WE are the Easter Bunny!” Lucy (age 5)

It’s so true, it’s so lovely to get to be a magical mythical figure, even just for a tiny bit. A day before leaving for an Easter weekend camping trip (which, btw, was so comical for us city folk), we got together with our partners in kindness crime on our block to do some sweet guerrilla goodness for the kids at our local park.

We wrote our messages and stuffed them along with treats into good ole’ plastic easter eggs and hid them at our neighborhood park early one morning before Easter. Some friends wrote their own and I’m not sure actually had full complete words, but the intent of kindness was just the same so we put them in.

I have to tell you, I was in the grouchiest mood on the filling day, it is always a wonder how kindness can melt you, no matter which side you find yourself on. Just looking at these pics of dear children finding their kindness way pretty much carries me as long as my heart needs.

And then there was one, who just thought the entire thing made no sense at all and held tight to her egg, which was just fine with me…sometimes the whole orchestration is just meant for us to receive.

Thanks J and crew for all the sweet energy you always bring to every kindness project we do together!

Oh how was your Easter? Hoping kindness found you too…

Having an 8 and 10 year old is definitely a plus in the kindness department, you never know what great idea they will spring on you at any moment. The best part is that you are reminded of all the fun things you did back in the day. Stuff like pouring glue on your hand, letting it dry and peeling it off. ‘Member THAT? Wasn’t it awesome? So Josiah brought back an oldie but a goodie today.

There is nothing better than shooting rubber bands. Josiah discovered the secret message rubber band magic. All you need are some rubber bands and sharpies/permanent markers. The fatter the rubber bands the better.

Simply stretch them out on a book or something you can easily write on. Write a message you need to tell the world, something you need to hear, read or see. I wrote a bunch of tiny wishes on mine. Here are some ideas:

Believe in Love

I believe in you

It can happen, don’t give up

You can do it

Love will find you, don’t you worry

You are amazing

You are so worthy, more than you can ever know

You are doing it

Don’t be scared, JUMP!

You are worth it

Then unstretch, depending how you wrote it, you may or may not be able to read it. My boys think it’s better the more secret message-y you can make them. Leave your rubber bands some place for someone to find. Or even better, SHOOT them some where- only if you are a decent shot though. A rubber band to the face would suuuuccckkkk! My kids are devastated I made them get rid of those rad rubber band guns. It’s okay though, because thanks to the internets, you can make anything out of legos, which are even cooler.

I asked my boys if they thought this was worthy of a kindness mission and they whole heartedly agreed, so now I have a load of rubber bands in my bag and around my arm to leave places*. I thought the mission should be called, “Stretchy Kindness” but they insisted on “Rubber Kindness” which just sounds like some sort of  kind birth control but you know, I’ll take it!

I’m just excited that the kindness ideas seem to have no end and can be found anywhere, even while shooting rubber bands.

*if you are in RVA, you might wanna look around Crossroads Coffee shop!

Lucy: (in total kindness and candy triumph) yelling “Cotton Candy Kindness!! We did it!!”

I think we may have reached kindness nirvana my friends! Today our street gathered together to do a little neighborhood guerrilla goodness on our block and at our local park, it was so, so sweet. Someone lent their yard and power, somebody else got supplies to make signs, one family made the raddest side walk chalk…and then all together, we handed out the mother of all Valentine’s treats-COTTON CANDY!

110 servings to be exact. To kids, the skate park crowd, the passerbys, the basketball players, people driving by in their cars. It was ridiculous fun!

Small children making signs and distributing kindness candy love may be the greatest thing ever.

The drive-thru cotton candy was fantastic!

I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, the kids or adults, but we decided we MUST do it again!

Happy Valentine’s Day! May kindness find you in all the ways you need to know love!!

A few weeks ago we had one of those cozy, rain all day kind of days. These are my most favorite when you get to stay home all day, read books, watch movies and eat comfort food. The thing is, that almost never happens, we usually have to go somewhere.

On this particular day, I decided to do some Guerrilla Goodness between errands and leave umbrellas and ponchos on bus benches. I didn’t have a whole lot but it only takes a few to make it fun. I wrapped my little note in a ziploc bag and they were picked up pretty quick.

This GG was inspired by this awesome project happening in Pittsburgh! Love, love, love it! So if you can grab an umbrella today and leave it somewhere, add a little note with http://www.guerrillagoodness.com and lets see if kindness made the day!

photo by the Koshock crew

It’s back!!! You may remember when lots of folks ALL over the country headed out with sidewalk chalk to encourage the kids of their cities on the first day of school. Well, we are doin’ it again and would love to have you join us!

here’s the deal:

1. Grab some bright sidewalk chalk.

2. You head out with friends, family, kids, dogs, grandmothers, artists, whoever…and write positive messges to kids on the sidewalks in front of the elementary schools for the first day of school. Here are some things you can write:

Have a GREAT first day of school!!

It’s going to be a awesome year!

You look fantastic!

We believe in you!

if you want more ideas, check out the pictures of what other people have done here.

3. Go home blissed out with the kindness high!

4. If you are a kindness kid, be super quiet when you are walking to school the next day and everyone around you is talking about the cool art out front… and smile.

5. If you are a Richmonder and want to participate, reach out to your local school administration and send them a link to this post for permission. If just the idea makes you tired or sweat, contact me and I’ll do it for you! patience@kindnessgirl.com

6. If you decide to do this project or blog about it, please leave a comment so we can highlight your kindness work and watch it grow! Don’t forget to send me pictures and I’ll post them or simply add them to our GG Flickr Pool.

Other folks chalkin’ it up:

Everyday Heartbeats

Holton Elementary School- Mrs. Hooker’s First Grade Class
Swansboro Elementary
Munford Elementary
Gordon Elementary
Richmond Montessori
Clover Hill Elementary
Crestwood Elementary
Bellevue Elementary
Legacy Elementary- Ashburn, Va
Montross Middle School

Washington D.C.
Los Angeles
Days Creek, OR

It’s one of my phrases to my friends whenever they offer me help, care, or encouragement.

“SO glad I got you in my back pocket!” …like they are close by if I need them, or I can feel ya even when we are not together. It made perfect sense to me that this particular mission needed to be a friend mission… so I asked Chris of Shutter Sisters ,  Everyday Heartbeats and general Kindness Maven fame if she would be my partner to tear up some East coast/West coast kindness and to my delight she said “Yes!”.

So here we go:

My good friend Wren told me this amazing story about junior high, facebook and an old bomber jacket. She had borrowed her best friend’s bomber jacket in the 8th grade for a weekend. Before she gave it back she slipped a note in the inside pocket telling her that someday when she found it Wren hoped she would know how much she cared about her and their friendship…well 16 years later, her friend found the note and Wren on Facebook. Isn’t that great?

So the next day after I read this story, I was shopping for some pants for Jorge at the thrift store because we all know it is my home away from home. When I brought them home and gave them to J to try on, he reached in the pocket and found a $20 bill. Hello take out!!! It was awesome and instantly gave me the next GG mission idea.

It had to involve treasures to be found AND friends!

Here is your mission:

1. Call a friend right now and invite him or her to do this kindness mission with you. Kids can pick friends too! Pick local or far away, it will be fun for everyone…

2. Decide how daring you want to be with your kindness– all levels count!

3. Pick a treasure to hide. Here are some ideas: 

 a note

a $5 in a small envelope

a gift card

tiny journal

movie tickets

some stickers or silly bandz for kids!

Hide a treasure in a pocket.

4. Any kind of pocket will do– pants, shirts, bag, or even drop in a shoe. Chris had an awesome idea to leave the surprise in some school supplies at the store- pencil boxes, backpacks, etc- check it!

5. Where? you can do this just in your house in a closet near you, or head to a thrift store, mall, etc. Anywhere someone will find your love and kindness.

6. Include this new fancy square little green card (like the one in the picture) to your kindness so we might even be able to invite others to join us and pass it on. You can download the PDF here

7. Show us your stealthy goodness. Upload your pictures to the Guerrilla Goodness Flickr Pool and join our Facebook group so we can all see the kindness spread and grow!

So excited…ready, set, go!

Remember I told you about getting to lead a kindness mission for the lovely summer e-class on rest, play and the power of kindness? So very excited to be partnering with the Mondo Beyondo Dream Lab for this very special Guerrilla Goodness mission! It isn’t too late to join all the goodness going on in the lab!

It was a hot summer day 2 years ago, almost as steaming as our recent days. I was enormously pregnant and found myself with five kids picking sunflowers in a field and delivering them to random doors all over Richmond. The first ding dong ditch opened my heart to experience the power of kindness in a time when I needed it most. I hope this mission and kindness does the same for you. Let’s do The Great Ding Dong Ditch together!

Here’s how it works:

During the weekend of June 30- July 7th our mission is to Ding Dong Ditch a house (or many) with kindness. What is Ding Dong Ditchin’ you ask? Simply leave something nice on a doorstep, ring the doorbell (or knock) and run away as fast as you can. This can be someone you know or don’t know but the excitement is doing this act of kindness anonymously. It almost always leads to racing hearts, laughing hard and high fives for us. I hope it will be as much fun for you!

Good things to leave:

We usually write a note explaining it is an act of kindness so we don’t create some awful secret admirer scenario.

Any amount is fine, it’s best to put it in an envelope to keep it safe and so you can leave a note.

A Sign
You can leave a sign draped down the steps for someone to find or tape it to a porch.
Ideas- you are amazing! (it’s true)
have a great day!
believe in love!
you are beautiful!

Ding Dongs
This cupcake sort of treat can be found at your local grocery store. This is my kid’s favorite to DDD their friends.
We leave a note saying, “You’ve been Ding Dong ditched!” and then we eat some ourselves. Big hit!

other simple ideas-
Card or note of encouragement
Small work of art
Gift card or certificate
A Mixed CD

Things you should know:

This doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Something simple can mean a lot.

The best part is the mystery, I love imagining who might live in the house I am ditching. I always throw a little request out into the wind that the intention of my heart and the kindness will be well received.

If the whole idea totally freaks you out, you can start small. Ding dong ditch someone you know. You can even just leave your kindness when they aren’t home and then build to the big DDD later when you feel more confident in what you are doing and the process. DDD secret- I am STILL nervous every time, but I think that is part of the rush and joy.

If you get caught, introduce yourself and tell the person what you are doing. I have never been caught directly but have done other projects where we directly handed out flowers to strangers and had to explain. I have also had to explain to onlookers or protective neighbors. You may get a variety of responses but most people appreciate the effort and intention.

It’s best to go in pairs for safety, to have a get-a-way driver and mostly because it’s hella fun to share. Only DDD in neighborhoods and areas you are familiar with and feel comfortable in. I also do not DDD in any yard where dogs are not leashed or behind fences. I should let you know, in years of doing this, I have never had a negative experience or felt unsafe. This is just good common sense stuff to remember.

Go forth, ding dong ditch and have the time of your life! Kindness has you now!

You can upload pictures from your GG adventures at the GG Flickr Pool. Let us see all the joy!

It all started at breakfast. I told her something terrible I said over slices of cheesecake and diet coke at 10am. The dear friend laughed and said. “You’re so loveable!”
“What?!” while grabbing yet another slice.
“You are!” she held firm and told me stories of people being loveable even at their worst.

and it stayed with me….so here we are at Valentine’s Day and a Guerrilla Goodness mission is born from the kind of wisdom that only comes from real love.

Let’s tell our city, in a million tiny ways that we are LOVEABLE!

Here’s the deal:

Grab a pad of post-its or other pretty paper.
Leave your message (it can be anything) of love for someone to find.
Then trust it is found at exactly the right moment by the perfect person.
Guerrilla Goodness bliss!

here are some good GG spots to leave your message:
bus stops
library books
bathroom stalls/mirrors
car windshields
grocery carts
subway seats
dressing rooms
toll booths
the gym
pant pockets
any tiny spot someone might stumble upon

If you decide to join our project in Richmond or some other city, let us know in the comments or upload a picture to the GG Flickr pool.

All is love this Valentine’s Day and I hope you know…you are loveable.

it was guerrilla good…

September 15, 2009

We believe in you

Photo by the Koshock crew

The sky was blue, the air warm, the breeze cool…everything the weather wasn’t just a week ago. I drove with the boys in the hoopty thinking along the way,  there was  just one little un-met desire in my heart. We needed music, music makes everything better. We drove up, grabbed our basket and walked to the field in front of the Carillon steps. There, right in front of us was a drumming circle, I felt like I had just put in a short-order to the universe diner with super fast and friendly service. The bell rang- order up- everything you asked for, everything you need to Guerrilla Goodness your heart out.
Guerrilla Goodness TCG pic6
Photo by The Checkout Girl

There were all kinds of folks there: artists, mothers, kids, teens, twitter celebrities, babies, foodies, fathers, teachers, friends, strangers…almost 35 total, we hit 17 schools, all in our city of Richmond.  I was sort of tortured, surprisingly. I wished I could go with each person to each place, but instead we milled around trying to decide who would take what and wondering if we should take more. Each went their own way and then we (the kids and I) traveled around the city GG’ing and trying to catch up with the others…

We are one family
Photo by John Haddad

I was so touched to read each message, each intention, each act of kindness…and again, like always, I left feeling so undone by the  good in the world, mission accomplished.


At the last school the kids rolled in the grass, lyra helped draw(i.e. eat chalk) and I listened to the kickin’ church service across the street while I wrote.


The hip-hop was filling the air, and just then we heard a horn. A man and women were blowing rams horns, and it all felt sacred somehow. It was a perfect ending to a guerrilla good day.


Thanks to each of you that came out from RVA and our friends all over the country  who made this so special and so much fun!

GG cutie artist #2
Photo by Mary Margaret Park

Have fun Learning
Photo by Tiffany Glass Ferreira

If you have more GG adventures to share, please do so in the comments! We would love to hear about them. Thanks to all who spread the word. If you missed this one, no worries, there will be another chance soon…or even better, do your own, invite us, we’ll come!

So you might remember last year when we kooked up this idea with the Supersisters to team up to do some Guerrilla Goodness for the kids heading back to school? Well, this year, we have a special invitation for you?!

Come with US!!! You can spread kindness wherever you are but we would would like to put out a special call to all Richmonders:

We know our city is a little screwed up, well a lot,  but would you like to do something kind for the kids of our city?

Yes? Meet me and other Guerrilla Goodness lovers in front of the Carillon (Byrd Park)  at 3:00 pm on September 7th!

Here’s how it works:

1. I will pass out addresses to city schools and sidewalk chalk.

2. You head out with friends, family, kids, dogs, grandmothers, artists, whoever…and write positive messges to kids on the sidewalks in front of the elementary schools in Richmond city for the first day of school.

3. Go home blissed out with the kindness high!

4. If you are kid, be super quiet when you are walking to school the next day and everyone around you is talking about the cool art out front. and smile.

you are fantastic by you.

We are looking for graffiti, tattoo  and other artists that might be interested in doing one crazy cool “square” at each school. All in chalk, of course. Please contact patience@kindnessgirl.com if you are interested in helping.

Can’t wait to see you there. Leave a comment if you think you might like to come, or just show up. Please, tweet, facebook and blog this too! Thanks, it’s gonna be great!

I have been itchin’ to do some guerrilla kindness, it’s a sure thing for stirring my soul and bringing me back to places of joy and wonder. I decided some flower power was in order so the kids and I (cousins included) went to pick sunflowers…

We headed to a little sunflower patch on the southside of Richmond. Mr. Reams is a kind old man, he came out to greet us and apologized for the lack of rain making this year’s crop substandard in his mind. They sure looked pretty to me and there is nothing like standing in the middle of a field of flowers.

Mr. Reams looked tired, I wondered how he still found the energy to plant for yet another year. This little patch is special, it’s the kind of place where you leave the money in the mailbox if no one is home.

The sunflowers are only .20 a stalk, you can pick a million which makes this project pretty cheap. Cheap is good these days and reminds me that kindness can be affordable too.

Jack and Carter were totally uninterested. They each picked one or two flowers and then left to play in the car. Such is life…

Jack’s contribution…

Josiah and Madeleine were totally into it…

They even found this little loveliness…

Lucy just wanted to feel the dirt between her toes…

I asked the kids if they wanted to help me make cards to attach to bouquets and then randomly leave them on doorsteps.

Madeleine: Oh, like ding-dong ditching! but good!

Me: What is ding-dong ditching?

Mad: You know, like when you knock on the door (or ring the door bell) and then hide or run away when the person comes to the door…

Me: Yeah! Totally! Like ding-dong dichin’ but for good not evil. I LOVE it…

Mad: We should do it to my dad and Jorgie when we get home.

Jack was very conflicted by such an idea, he did NOT think we should be ding-dong ditchin’ our own family.

He thought it might be okay if we brought them some flowers. They did- DDD and Jack did not participate, there were no flowers either.

Later in the day Mad and I put the flowers together and added some notes…

This one of Madeleine’s was my favorite…

Lucy, Mad and I spent the rest of the afternoon leaving flowers on doorsteps and giving them to complete strangers.

“This is AWESOME! ” Mad said….I couldn’t agree more. It was so freakin’ exhilarating. Our favorite was a woman with 2 kids, a baby and a dog who offered Madeleine some coupons in return, it was very sweet. I liked the toll lady too, she looked so surprised.

ding-dong ditching has never been so fun…