What IS Guerrilla Goodness you ask?

Guerrilla Goodness is intentional, anonymous acts of kindness performed in playful, creative ways for strangers, friends, and family.

It is the power of kindness and joy coming alive for all involved, both the giver and recipient. It’s discovering something about yourself and the world that changes everything, it is about believing and standing in kindness.

Guerrilla goodness is dropping flowers on strangers’ doorsteps, chalking up sidewalks outside of schools with good wishes on the first day of school, leaving quarters in all the gumball machines in town, slipping starbucks gift cards into books at the library for the next reader to find. 

I like to think it is where strangers and kindness meet to play! 

What does it look like?  

select 360p for better viewing


 The Story

 I am completely obsessed with the idea that random kindness can change the world.

It started small as my mom taught me to do someone’s dishes after a party, as I got older it was paying the toll for the car behind me, making a meal for a new mom or maybe leaving a $20 in the street musician’s guitar case…but it really all began with my sister and her magical way of anonymous giving.

During my poverty days of ramen noodles and no health insurance for my baby, she would hide bills all over my house and leave like nothing ever happened. Packages from L.L. Bean would arrive on my doorstep with a winter wardrobe but no note or bill. It always seemed to appear at just the right moment and when I grilled her, she would never confess.

Over time I realized that kindness came in all forms and I didn’t have to be rich to spread love and joy in the world. Tiny notes left in books at the library, a long conversation with an elderly man in the supermarket, a cold drink for a bum on the street, all of it energized my soul in a way nothing else did or could. There is no selfless good deed but it doesn’t really matter, the world needs it all… I have been on both ends of kindness and decided this was the work of my life. When I looked back, kindness had been calling me all along.

Guerrilla Goodness unfolded on my blog in 2007 after a kindness adventure I did to remember my friend Happyanne whose love and energy is ever present on this earth even though she has gone on. It was ridiculously fun, the sneaking, the rush, the power of kindness mixed with the power of play, all of it was highly addictive for my kindness call and heart. GG has evolved over time and hopefully will spread in ways I can’t even imagine.

The Missions:

(Listed by my favorites, not by date)

guerrilla goodness: the great ding dong ditch w/ mondo beyondo

guerrilla goodness: you are loveable

guerrilla goodness:  ding-dong ditchin’

guerrilla goodness: takin’ it to the sidewalks

guerilla goodness: takin’ it to the sidewalks part2

guerrilla goodness: cotton candy kindness

guerrilla goodness: got you in my back pocket

guerrilla goodness: chalk kindness+community=love

guerrilla goodness: candy kids

guerrilla goodness: sk8r boyz

guerrilla goodness: the great wall of motherly kindness

guerrilla goodness: kindness popsicles

guerrilla goodness: the mothers holiday survival kit

guerrilla goodness: in honor of…

guerrilla goodness: eggawesome!

guerrilla goodness: rubber kindness

guerrilla goodness: sidewalk chalk love (it’s back!)

guerrilla goodness: kid kindness, silly style

guerrilla goodness: coffee love

guerrilla goodness: gone disastrous

guerrilla goodness: happy birthday my friend

guerrilla goodness: you are magic

guerrilla goodness: laundry love

guerrilla goodness: going gourd

guerrilla goodness: we’re lucky to have you

guerrilla goodness: we’re lucky to have you part 1

guerrilla goodness:miami love in technicolor

kindness to me…

I’d love to hear about your own guerrilla adventures, and check out the GG Flickr pool to see what other Guerrilla Goodness Gorillas are doing.

26 Responses to “guerrilla goodness…”

  1. megb453787 Says:

    Love this…I am going to implement it in our lives. I have 3 boys and homeschool. I think they would love to do this.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Joshua Berg Says:

    I love it and your words are poetic and inspiring. Thank you. Thank you. You have given me so many great ideas for my 365 viralkindess project as well.

  3. Excellent. Putting a link in my blog.

  4. Lisa Currie Says:

    You’ve got my crying! Not because I’m sad, but because this is so close to my heart too. Ripple Kindness Project is my passion and seeing beautiful sites like this just fills my heart with joy. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Lis :o)
    Ripple Kindness Project – Australia

    • kindnessgirl Says:

      thanks Lisa!! What great work YOU are doing in the world. this kindness gig is pretty sweet huh? love your heart and work in the world my friend!

  5. Oona L. Says:

    I’ve always tried (tried being the operative word) to practice this kind of goodness. Now that I know what to call it, I’m making it my mission.

    Love and Peace,

    Oona L.

  6. shoes Says:

    What a wonderful concept! When I was a penniless college student working my way through school, I lost my very last $20 bill on my walk home from work. The next paycheck was not for several days. My then boyfriend, heard me telling my roommate about this and the next morning a $20 bill appeared in the purse I had looked in over and over again, tears streaming, just the night before. He just smiled and told me some story about a money fairy that comes in the night. Several years later we were married. 🙂

  7. Gooi Weg Says:

    I’m going to read a guerrilla at the beginning of each day to start off with a happy thought. So, in a way, your blog is an act of random kindness as well.


    … and you’ve got me wanting to do an act of random happiness somewhere in the near future as well…

  8. You make me sooo happy 🙂

  9. puglovesbiscuit Says:

    You are fabulous! Will be implementing random acts of kindness in to my life! x

  10. Lorraine Liu Says:

    I love the idea! This is what my city lack the most — kindness. I always want to do something to change the situation but often feel so powerless when confronting the big social environment. I just read your article of Library Love, and decided next time I borrow something from the library i would do the same.

    And I want to thank you for waking up my desire to do good things to other people! (Its been sleeping for a long time.lol)

  11. Julia Says:

    thank you for this blog, it’s really nice to find people who feel and think like u. keep up the good work. May God bless u all.

  12. kelly Says:

    it’s been a while since i’ve watched that youtube beautifulness and dang if it doesn’t make me cry every. single. time. you are such a soul, such a dear, dear soul, and the mark you are leaving on this world is one that is deep as love, soft as feathers. thank you.

  13. enermazing Says:

    I love your project and the variety of ideas!

    Just wondering: Could I perhaps post your logo as a link in the sidebar of my blog?


  14. tita buds Says:

    I just found you today via trialsinfood and this is wonderful! I’ve always believed in the power of kindness in changing the world and am wholeheartedly into this project. 🙂

    Thank you!

  15. ttina Says:

    I read the article in O and then went to your website. I am going to start doing some random acts of kindness tomorrow. Thank you for allowing people to see and read of this action….as I always say….actions speak louder than words!

  16. I saw you through the O Magazine article…. I’ve been dying to find a website like this! I thought there were not many people left in the world that were kind like this. Glad to feel I am not alone. Thank you so much for just being you, and following it passionately.

  17. Bonnie Jones Says:

    Simply wonderful! So glad I found you via O mag.

  18. strawtea Says:

    I remember one difficult day I spent and at the end of which, realizing I had, for some reason, to walk 45 minutes to get home because nobody would pick me up and so on and so on… I sat on the sidewalk and started crying. Within a couple of minutes, of course many people had walked by awkwardly (and wouldn’t I do the same ?) but one man stopped, just asking me if I was feeling ok and gave me a big smile. Minutes later a little boy crossed the street where he was sitting at a café with his parents and offered me a little flower he had picked up.
    I try to remember this moment and what they did for me and whenever I see someone ‘in need’ I don’t impose myself but a smile can never hurt and whatever nice comes up to my mind I try to do. Not only does it make the person’s and your day better it also helps you be aware of what is going on around you and yes… : to be smarter but the intelligence of the heart 🙂 HAVE A GREAT DAY !

  19. Sandi Kimmel Says:

    Thank you for the gift of you in the world. I swear…it just got brighter in mine since I found you!

  20. Diana Says:

    I found this and wanted to start RIGHT AWAY! But it was about midnight… 2 days later I read a twist on the Ding Dong Ditch and we decided to go out that night. The twist was a Halloween theme. We dropped bags of candy with notes off to a few houses. It was great fun! Now, when we are having a blah kind of day we either go to this list to get ideas or come up with some of our own. thanks for posting!

  21. Lisa Says:

    Hello, I would like to share with you a foundation formed in memory of my nephew, Dale Settle Jr. (age 22). Its called D.A.L.E. (Do A Little Extra) It is a random act of kindness group. Dale was killed doing the ultimate act of kindness.. laying down his life for his friends who were being robbed. Please read about his story, the type of person he was and why we are doing this in his memory. http://www.dalesettlejr.com (find us facebook also, there’s a link on the website).

  22. heather1000 Says:

    Hi there! I just started a blog with a similar theme, and am looking for other like-minded bloggers to follow. Thank you for the ideas – I love the idea of putting quarters in gumball machines, that’s just plain fun!

  23. Rosalyn Kahn Says:

    Your opening line really grabbed my attention. I feel exactly the same way.

  24. DemaPuzikov Says:

    Hello! I have a blog with the same concept of giving to others and not asking for anything in return! please look at this blog and show others and maybe it will touch you like it has touched others! Thank you http://experienceactsofkindness.blogspot.com/

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